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Swimming Pool Phones

Swimming Pool Phones

Have questions about whether or not you need an emergency help phone poolside and if so, what all that might entail? Your questions answered here.

How do I know if I need an emergency phone by my pool?

Many states require that you have an emergency phone in close proximity to the pool. Whether your state requires it or not, having an emergency phone by your pool can help to avoid a tragedy and can reduce your liability.

Where should my phone be located?

In most states the emergency phone must be no further than 200 unobstructed feet from the pool.

What is the law in my state?

For information about your state's pool laws, click here.

Do I need a new phone line?

Generally, no. Our smart line seizure technology allows you to use an existing phone line for the emergency phones.

Do I need electricity?

Our phone lines are phone line powered; however, line seizure and cellular options require a simple 110-130 VAC duplex outlet.

Do you have cellular options?

Why would I use a cellular emergency phone at poolside?

Primarily to avoid the costs of trenching for new landline telephone service. Also, the cost of our cellular solution is less than the cost of a traditional phone line.

Is my current cellular pool phone compliant?



My Cellular Pool Emergency Phone is:

Always turned on and ready for use – YES

Connected to continuous electric power with battery back-up – YES

Under a current cellular service agreement – YES

Directly Accessible without twist handle or spring device – YES

If you answered “NO” to any of the above your solution is NOT code compliant and is exposing you to unnecessary liability.


Are your phones ADA compliant?

Yes, all of our phones comply with ADA and all state and local codes, guaranteed.

What does your All-Inclusive Solution agreement cover?

Our All-Inclusive Solution package includes equipment, installation, full maintenance/service, and 24-hour monitoring and dispatch services.

An inspector told me that my phone had to be answered by 911. Is that true?

Most states require that emergency phone calls be answered by a dedicated emergency call center. Kings III maintains a dedicated emergency call center, however, a few jurisdictions require answering by 911.

Why is Kings III's emergency phone superior to a pay phone?

Our emergency phone eliminates the traffic, litter, graffiti, and vandalism associated with pay phones. Our phones dial directly to our Emergency Dispatch Center, discouraging misuse.

Will having an emergency pool phone with professional monitoring lower my liability insurance rates?

It certainly may, check with your liability insurance carrier to be sure.

How can I be sure that my phone is working?

Periodic manual testing, and automatic self testing are the best assurances that your phone is working.

The emergency help phone solution that reduces your risk, liability & potentially your costs

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