Types of Emergency Phones

Types of Emergency Phones

As a property manager, there are several areas on your property that you should be considering emergency phones for. This blog post highlights some of the most common areas that property managers often protect with emergency phones.

Here at Kings III, we offer a number of different types of emergency phone systems for our customers in the U.S. and Canada, as well as providing installation, monitoring and maintenance services. When we discuss emergency phone needs for our new customers, we look at a number of different things—their needs, the size of the area they need covered, how many people will be in that area at any given time and more. These factors all determine what type of emergency phones they need. Let’s take a look at some of the basic types of emergency phones and their uses so you can get an idea of what help phones you may need for your properties.

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Outdoor Emergency Phones

Outdoor emergency phones are often found in towers with bright lights on top. These lights illuminate the phone’s’ locations at night. These devices may not have a handset at all—many make use of an intercom system and connect directly to emergency communication services when the emergency button is pressed. These emergency phones can be found on college campuses and other areas where people may need assistance outdoors, especially at night. These phones all transmit their location to the operator or dispatcher, making it unnecessary to identify your location when using one.

Parking garages may also have emergency phone systems, as parking garages can be a high-crime area due to their dark and secluded nature as well as being the setting of cars and the valuables that they often contain. If you have a large parking garage on your property, this can be one of your biggest liability areas if you do not take the appropriate security measures.

Pool Phones

Pool phones are designed to automatically call 911 or other specialized emergency services if there is an accident located near or in a swimming pool. You’ll find such phones at apartment complexes, hotels and any other area with a swimming pool, even if that pool always has a lifeguard on duty. In many states, pool phones are required by law. These phones can be used if someone is in danger of drowning or has become injured while swimming. Pool phones are also often used for many miscellaneous outdoor emergencies during which pedestrians are unable to access their phones.

Indoor Emergency Phones

Much like outdoor emergency phones, these indoor phones are usually very simple to use and may not even have a handset. They can be used to call for help or, in some cases, may also be used as an emergency intercom system during a natural disaster or other crisis. These systems are also often found on college campuses in addition to nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities.

Elevator Phones

Elevator phones are located inside each elevator cab either near the control buttons or on the opposite side. These phones can be used to call for help in the event that the elevator malfunctions and gets stuck between floors or won’t open in addition to any other emergency that you might encounter while enclosed within the elevator. In some cases, there are actual handsets in the elevator but most will have an intercom-like system that users will treat like a speaker phone. Generally, you cannot use an elevator emergency phone to call any other location except emergency services.

These are just a few of the different types of emergency phones that are available. If you have hot spots like this on your property, it is important to make sure that you are covered in the event of an emergency. Be sure to look around and consider all possible areas that could benefit from an emergency system. Contact us today to discuss your emergency phone needs and or visit to learn more.







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