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Kings III Partners with TouchSource to Provide an Innovative Solution

Kings III Partners with TouchSource to Provide an Innovative Solution

Collaboration between Kings III and TouchSource Allows Existing Code Compliant Elevators to Use Two-Way Video Interface

Contact: Jennifer Burks

New Market Launch Specialist                                           



(Dallas, TX) Emergency communications market leader Kings III has partnered with TouchSource, the frontrunner in electronic directory, wayfinding, and public access information systems. This collaboration brings together two industry leaders and will allow buildings to maintain compliance with the International Building Code (IBC) which requires a two-way video communication in elevators for deaf, hard of hearing and the speech impaired. 

ADA compliance has always been a focal point and Kings III integrates ADA adaptability into all of their equipment. In addition they provide dispatch services in over 175 languages and ensure all of their dispatchers receive the American Emergency Medical Dispatch (AEMD) certification.

Learn more about elevator video communication for the IBC code update, what technical upgrades are required and the partnership with TouchSouce.

Kings III Emergency Communications has been providing complete, compliant and affordable emergency phone solutions for elevators, poolside, stairwells, parking areas and more for nearly three decades, monitoring more than 50,000 help phones across the U.S. Our all-inclusive turnkey solution includes equipment, installation, maintenance and 24/7 monitoring at our very own Emergency Dispatch Center for one low price. Two key differentiators include our smart line seizure technology which eliminates costly dedicated emergency phone lines and our digital recording and storing of all calls. These coupled with advanced operator training and many other value-added benefits allow us to reduce risk, liability and costs for our customers.

Posted on May 30 2018