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Consultants & Inspectors


"As a Property Manager, the safety of our tenants in the event of an elevator entrapment, coupled with the reliability of the emergency communication system, is a top priority. We recently took over a property where an emergency elevator communication system needed to be put in place immediately. I contacted Kings III and explained the necessity of having the system installed as soon as possible. Kings III understood the issues at hand and the need to move quickly. Their team had the job complete the following morning."

Cindy Gowen, CB Richard Ellis

"Kings III provides full maintenance, warranty and service of our equipment; therefore, there are no surprise repair or replacement costs so I find it easy to budget for. I have also realized a substantial savings by using Kings III. "

Sue Mied, Lincoln Property Company

"On Monday, October 8, I got stuck in an elevator in my school’s building in Miami Florida. I suffer from anxiety/panic attacks and claustrophobia and when I pressed the emergency button I got the most helpful person, Operator Steven. He doesn’t even know how much he helped me that day. Steven stayed on the phone with me the whole time I was stuck and reassured me I was completely safe, help was on the way and that everything was going to be ok. He truly went above and beyond his job and for that I am very thankful."

Jaymelee Velez, Letter from an entrapped elevator passenger

Consultants & Inspectors

Kings III works closely with consultants, architects and inspectors to make the best emergency help phone solutions available to our clients.

As experts in the emergency communications field, we can offer advice on the most complete, reliable and cost effective solutions. Because we are fully integrated from design and engineering through manufacturing and delivery of services to the end-user, we can customize solutions to fit the most demanding requirements.

Our Commitment to Customer Care

We provide on-going maintenance and monitoring services on tens of thousands of emergency phones across the U.S. and Canada. This obligation results in a commitment to building the highest quality products and making sure they are working reliably. After all, millions of people are counting on us. The proof of our delivering on this commitment is that nearly 97% of our customers stay with Kings III for years.

Customer satisfaction is part of our culture and our product development stems from a desire to build on the trust our customers have in us. Technologies we've developed range from emergency phone solutions with back-up phone line capability to remote monitoring solutions for detecting and reporting elevator fault events including entrapments to phone line consolidation systems that save our customers money every month. Click here to see our phone line verification technology (PLV-20) required under ASME A17.1b-2009 for on-site emergency telephone condition monitoring.

For more detailed information, visit our inspectors and authorities with jurisdiction page, our FAQ page or simply contact us directly.