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Emergency Monitoring on a National Account Basis


"As a Property Manager, the safety of our tenants in the event of an elevator entrapment, coupled with the reliability of the emergency communication system, is a top priority. We recently took over a property where an emergency elevator communication system needed to be put in place immediately. I contacted Kings III and explained the necessity of having the system installed as soon as possible. Kings III understood the issues at hand and the need to move quickly. Their team had the job complete the following morning."

Cindy Gowen, CB Richard Ellis

"Kings III provides full maintenance, warranty and service of our equipment; therefore, there are no surprise repair or replacement costs so I find it easy to budget for. I have also realized a substantial savings by using Kings III. "

Sue Mied, Lincoln Property Company

"On Monday, October 8, I got stuck in an elevator in my school’s building in Miami Florida. I suffer from anxiety/panic attacks and claustrophobia and when I pressed the emergency button I got the most helpful person, Operator Steven. He doesn’t even know how much he helped me that day. Steven stayed on the phone with me the whole time I was stuck and reassured me I was completely safe, help was on the way and that everything was going to be ok. He truly went above and beyond his job and for that I am very thankful."

Jaymelee Velez, Letter from an entrapped elevator passenger

Emergency Monitoring on a National Account Basis

We work with many national accounts who choose to do large-scale business with us based on the exceptional emergency monitoring services that we provide, risk reduction that we offer and volume pricing available.

If an idea reduces liability exposure and operational cost for one of your properties, is it not worth considering for the entirety of your portfolio?

That’s not just a conceptual question we routinely ask at Kings III Emergency Communications. It’s often a practical reality when we first visit with commercial and multifamily companies from coast to coast.

Simply put, you very well may be using Kings III right now! And if not, many of your industry colleagues certainly are.

Kings III and National Accounts

It is commonplace to discover that potential clients already have Kings III at a few of their locations, be it through individual site sales or property acquisitions. These unveil themselves during initial discussions when we research portfolio lists to identify opportunities. Sometimes the corporate office is aware, but usually it comes as a surprise. Our first customer references may be nestled within their very own portfolio.

Regardless, Kings III can benefit your properties, one and all, as we do for so much of your industry today.

The more you learn about Kings III, the more it makes sense. We are far and away the most comprehensive and established dedicated provider of emergency communications in your industry, and we’ve built our product and services specifically with your risks, costs, and requirements in mind. That is why our National Account base has grown exponentially in recent years, and more specifically, why we hope you’ll consider becoming our newest National Account customer. It would be a sincere privilege to be your chosen provider, too.

For two decades, Kings III built its reputation steadily and gradually through a site-first ground approach in specific markets. In fact, that approach remains, very much intentionally, the bread-and-butter of our daily operations today. Not every customer has a multi-state portfolio, but they benefit from our services just the same. We’ll never forget our roots, and every site matters to us today as it did in 1989 when we were founded.

As our footprint grew during the early years, so did the tenure and depth of our customer relationships, and a modest national account base surfaced almost organically. Such can happen when your average site account stays with you for an average of 14 years. We have sites that have been with us for more than 25 years.

Since 2008, we’ve complemented our daily market approach with a dedicated National Account outreach division to work in unison. This augmented strategy has accelerated the growth of Kings III through a succession of record sales years. All the while, our attrition remains vastly below industry averages.


Why is that important?

Because we want to grow with you, and your company can realize the same immediate and sustained benefits from choosing Kings III, as multiple National Account customers will attest as references of Kings III. Our success is steeped in the real value that we provide our clients.

As a National Account, you will most benefit from the risk reduction from a globally uniformed approach to emergency communications throughout your portfolio. Financially, you’ll benefit from volume-discounted pricing, our unique ability to eliminate the need for dedicated phone lines, no up-front cost for installation, and our full warranty for repair and replacement. Phone lines typically cost more than our services, so implementing Kings III may well result in an overall savings for you.Lance Mathes

Therein lies the bottom line. The substantial benefits and savings begin immediately and continue throughout your relationship with Kings III.

Let’s discuss your company further. Please contact our National Accounts division at (800) 393-5858 or Until then, we thank you for your consideration of Kings III, and wish success for you and your company this year.