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There’s been some confusion about the FCC order 10-72a1 and how it’s impacting analog phone lines, especially for important devices like your emergency elevator, parking, garage, and pool phones. It’s clear that landline replacement is a timely issue warranting attention for your emergency phone lines, which must be treated with special care to meet code standards. Here’s the breakdown:

August 2019: FCC Order 10-72a1 was issued allowing telecom companies to no longer support traditional phone lines.

The order doesn’t clarify how/when telecom companies will decommission analog lines; just that they have permission to do so.

Immediate impact to you: While service to these analog lines is deteriorating, costs are increasing.

In the middle of a new development? We’ve heard from customers and elevator partners about the difficulty in securing a new phone line from their telecom company for the purpose of passing inspection. We can help with that.


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Utilizing commercial strength equipment, our cellular solution was created with the sole purpose of meeting the unique needs that come with emergency communication.

Other available cellular solutions are designed for consumer/personal use but make their way into commercial spaces. While they may work for a typical call, they aren’t designed with emergency response in mind. When seconds count, it’s imperative to have the proper equipment for a reliable response.


As POTS replacement increases a lack of regulation regarding cellular communicators has led to the use of improper equipment in more specialized use cases. To meet elevator code, devices must include: (1) A 4-hour battery backup in case of a power outage; (2)A communication alert triggering a phone line verification alarm system; (3) Caller location identification without aid from the caller

The Kings III Cellular Solution exceeds these code requirements whereas other devices often lack the capability to comply with these ASME elevator code standards.


Kings III’s LTE cellular solution, currently deployed in over 75,000 customer emergency phones (and growing), now has an optional added benefit. The Kings III M90 cellular dialer is FirstNet® Capable.

FirstNet is the only nationwide communications network built with and for first responders, enhancing reliability and security when disaster strikes. FirstNet embedded solutions go through extensive review, and approved devices meet the highest standards for reliability, security, and performance.

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Why Cellular Trumps VoIP for Emergency Communications

Sarah Turner

“I’ve always had such a seamless and reliable experience with Kings III that if we acquire a property that doesn’t already utilize them for their emergency phones, I really just don’t get it. To me, it seems like the most obvious solution. In fact, in the past, I have been worried about having some trouble with our elevators, and even my staff told me, ‘Believe me, we have Kings III. We’ll get it up.’ It’s clear that Kings III’s reliability is well-known.”

-Sarah Turner, Olympus Properties