The most important aspect of Kings III’s all-inclusive service includes 24/7/365 professional emergency phone monitoring. Here’s the level of quality that you can expect.

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All-Inclusive Solution

Kings III Equipment

Kings III Equipment

With Kings III, all emergency phone equipment is included as part of our all-inclusive solution at no extra cost.

As code requirements tighten, it becomes increasingly important to trust an emergency phone expert when choosing among the myriad of solutions available. Our help phones are designed, assembled and supported in the USA. We design our emergency equipment with code compliance and caller experience in mind, staying at the forefront of code and technology changes.

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Kings III Equipment

Kings III Installation

Code Compliant Installation

Our all-inclusive emergency monitoring service includes equipment and installation, with guaranteed code compliance of initial installation.

At Kings III, we make it a priority to streamline the installation process for your ease and convenience, gathering as much information upfront to expedite job scheduling and completion. Our goal is to make working with us as hands-off as possible so that it does not interfere with your existing schedule and responsibilities.

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Kings III Installation

Kings III Lifetime Maintenance

Lifetime Maintenance + Auto Testing

In a perfect world, everything would run smoothly all the time. Unfortunately, we live in the real world, and problems do arise from time to time. The good news is, because we build our own equipment for the sole purpose of increased reliability and longer life expectancy, we rarely see issues with Kings III phone equipment itself.

We can often troubleshoot remotely and when we cannot, we’ll send a technician to remedy the issue. We also offer, upon request, an auto testing feature that tests your emergency phone for dial tone and power.

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Kings III Lifetime Maintenance

24/7/365 Emergency Monitoring

24/7/365 Emergency Monitoring

The most important aspect of our all-inclusive service includes 24/7/365 professional emergency phone monitoring in 175+ different languages via our ETL Listed Central Station.

Our operators’ knowledge of dispatch protocol and coordinating emergency services coupled with their level of training is what sets us apart. Your tenants, employees and visitors will connect to an Advanced Emergency Medical Dispatcher—a certification representing best-in-class responders with the ability to provide pre-arrival medical instruction when seconds count.

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24/7/365 Emergency Monitoring

Since its inception in 1989, Kings III’s only business has been emergency communication solutions. Whether users are trapped in an elevator or need help elsewhere on your property, our operators are one button away. All full-time operators are Advanced Emergency Medical Dispatcher (AEMD) certified and all operators are Red Cross CPR trained and HIPAA compliant to assure you have the best-trained response team 24/7/365. AEMD is a higher level of certification than is often required in 911 emergency response centers. The level of both initial and ongoing training our operators receive results in unmatched preparation to professionally respond to any emergency call.

See Our Recommended Minimum Standards for Emergency Phone Monitoring

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Additionally, we can provide aid to callers in over 175 languages which can prove invaluable. Even for callers who speak English as a second language, the ability to receive aid in their native language, particularly in a time of duress, further puts the caller at ease and helps to ensure they are receiving proper assistance.

The systems used in the EDC enable automatic identification of the correct Responding Authority, Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), based on the location of the user. This is no small feat with more than 6,000 PSAPs across the U.S. In addition to having a highly trained staff, the dispatch center uses sophisticated hardware and automation software to digitally record, date and time stamp each call which may be replayed on request and emailed as .WAV files for company records or to be submitted as evidence in a dispute.

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Emergency Monitoring: ETL Listed

We are an ETL listed Central Station meaning that we are certified to comply with the following standards:

  • UL 827, Standard for Central Station Alarm Services 8th Edition
  • UL 1981, Standard for Central Station Automation Systems 3rd Edition
  • NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm Code 2013 Edition

Additonally, we are members of The Monitoring Association, formerly the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA).

Always on Call.

Because we are in the life safety business, our doors never close and our phones are always on. Emergency battery systems and generators support the EDC in the event of power outages. Two separate, redundant monitoring facilities are maintained for use in the event of a major catastrophe or a simple unexpected outage. The primary and redundant sites are located on separate telephone and power grids.

So… what happens when your phone calls into the Kings III Emergency Dispatch Center? See our actual emergency video above or visit our videos section for more actual calls to our emergency monitoring center.

A Look at Our Emergency Dispatch Center’s Numbers:

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“When choosing Kings III, the real sale for me was their reporting and conversation recording ability. This is definitely a system I recommend for our properties throughout for cost savings and liability concerns.”

David Stauber, Transwestern

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