Part of our all-inclusive emergency monitoring service is lifetime maintenance. What does that mean for you? One fewer unbudgeted expense to deal with.

In a perfect world, everything would run smoothly all the time. Unfortunately, we live in the real world, and problems do arise from time to time. The Kings III Service Team is aware of this and is dedicated to taking stress off of our customers’ plate, even in the event of a malfunction, and to do everything in our power to get things running smoothly as quickly as possible.

Much to our (and your) benefit, we rarely see actual technical problems with Kings III equipment. This is because we manufacture our own equipment for the sole purpose of increased reliability and longer equipment life expectancy compared to alternative emergency help phone products. That said, the majority of problems that our service technicians run into include:

  • Phone line problems
  • Power line problems
  • Outages/breakdowns due to weather

No matter the issue, we are prepared to efficiently handle the situation at your convenience.

How Do We Handle Maintenance Requests?

When a service call comes in, our Service Team will immediately begin to troubleshoot on our end. Many maintenance needs can be resolved remotely and don’t even necessarily require a service technician to be sent onsite.

If we do determine, however, that the issue cannot be resolved remotely, rest assured that our team is on top of it. We will reach out to schedule the onsite maintenance at a time as quickly as possible that accommodates your schedule.

Auto Testing

In order to help our customers maintain code compliance, Kings III offers an Auto Test Program upon request.

Here’s how it works: Our dialer automatically checks in every 30 days. This assures us that the phone line is still connected and that we have power to our system. What it can’t tell us is if the actual unit in the elevator/pool is working properly. There could be microphone, speaker, or wiring to the unit problems that we would not know without a human test. Because of this, we highly encourage customers to regularly test their emergency phones so that all bases are covered. Our auto test feature is not meant to replace manual testing of the help phone, but is a beneficial and hassle-free service offering.

What happens if the dialer misses a 30 day test? A Kings III employee will call into the system to try and force what is called a “CB” signal (Call Back). If they are unsuccessful receiving a call back signal, they will then contact the customer VIA email or phone.

Is your auto test able to identify when the battery is low? Yes. When batteries drop below 10 Volts, our dialer automatically sends us a “Low Battery” signal. At that time, we contact the customer and work together to proceed as necessary, either shipping a battery or sending a technician out to install the battery at the customer’s request.

Exceptional Maintenance Service

Kings III prides itself on its exemplary service and always keeps the customer’s interest in mind. This is why after each service, we reach out to customers and request feedback on their experience via a Net Promoter Score Survey, a widely used benchmark for customer experience performance. “Good enough is not good enough; pursue excellence” is a core value of ours and lives in everything we do, installation included. Learn more about the net promoter score in this blog post.

Quote Source

“When I first transferred to Houston, one of my properties used Kings III. At that time, the technician that serviced our site was Martin. Though I haven’t worked with him in years, he made such an impression on me for the years I had this property. He was responsive, amazing at helping us troubleshoot, and just so pleasant. This is the reason why King’s III is the only service I consider for my emergency phone needs. It’s great to know that he’s still with your company, and you’re fortunate to have him. I can’t think of another contractor whose employee left such an impression on me after all these years.”

Shelley Russell, The Morgan Group