We have been in business since 1989.

If the building facility or parking lot was built or renovated after July 1994, any phone(s) installed must meet ADA requirements. Complete ADA regulations may be found at the U.S. Department of Justice website, http://www.justice.gov/

Yes, we carry general liability, umbrella, and Errors & Ommissions insurance coverage with combined limits reaching to the multi-ten millions.


Areas of Refuge

An area of refuge, also known as an area of rescue, is used in lieu of a safe escape route, for instance, a stairwell. Tenants may need to wait in an area of refuge if evacuation is not a safe or possible option in the case of fires and multiple other emergencies.

The equipment used for an Area of Refuge must meet all requirements as outlined in NFPA, IBC, and ADA codes.

No, our line seizure technology allows multiple emergency area of refuge phones to seize an existing phone line rather than requiring a dedicated line.

Building Stairwells

Many municipalities are adopting new ordinances requiring emergency communication systems in building stairwells. Stairwell doors are often locked from the stairwell side, so people can become trapped by smoke when evacuating a building and need to be able to exit the stairwell to try another one or to reach an area of refuge.

You need to check your local codes, but generally they are required on every 4th or 5th floor above grade in each stairwell.

Yes, if your stairwell emergency phones were installed after July 1994, they must meet ADA requirements.

Elevator Partner Program

So glad you asked because there is an extreme difference in our services.

Our dispatchers answer only emergency calls coming from emergency phones. We are NOT an after hours solution for business calls. We take emergency calls only. Did I say we take emergency calls only? This is important for a few reasons but none more worth talking about than our specialized employee training. Our employees are not minimum wage call takers. They are highly trained emergency dispatch operators, receiving a higher level of training than is often required in 911 centers. We view calls outside of these parameters as a distraction to our team and they need to be at the top of their game at all times. The response to an emergency call is vastly different than a typical phone call and the person on the other end makes all the difference.

We service predominantly owners and managers of multifamily and commercial real estate properties. If there is a need for an emergency phone, we are a good fit.

Both, actually. We work with elevator companies for the introduction but we do not rely on you to sell our services. We work directly with customers to keep you from being the middle man and more importantly to ensure we have a direct line to the end user so we can keep up to date emergency call lists, which we customize for all our customers based on their needs.


Line sharing means that a telephone line issued by more than one telephone device. Our smart line seizing technology captures an existing phone line for use by our emergency phones. This enables our emergency phones to take over a phone line and use it to contact the Emergency Dispatch Center, while blocking access by non-emergency devices until the emergency call is completed. With line sharing, a non-emergency device may block emergency calls exposing you to liability.

Generally, we install the equipment 2-3 weeks after a signed service agreement has been received.

Yes, with our dialer technology, we can eliminate the cost of dedicated emergency phone lines.

Emergency Dispatch Center

Sure, we can monitor virtually any brand of emergency phone.

Kings III’s emergency call center not only dispatches fire/rescue, but also can dispatch maintenance personnel and property managers to handle non-emergency calls so unnecessary dispatches are reduced.

Not by Kings III, but other emergency responders may charge or fine you for excessive false calls.

Parking Garages

Many of our phones are phone line powered. 110-130 VAC is necessary to operate strobe lights and charge storage batteries in tower and cellular models.

Yes. Learn more.

We offer many models and can assist you in selection of the model(s) that best fit your needs.

Parking Lots


It is preferable to have a steel reinforced concrete pier, approximately 18 inches in diameter extending at least one foot below the frost line. However, we can mount directly to light poles and most concrete parking lots without requiring foundation work.

Our parking lot phones are generally red powder-coated steel, but are available in multiple color or color combinations.

Referral Program

Glad you asked! Emergency communications is our only business and that is by design. Our service helps you bring additional value to your customers via a best in class emergency phone solution with the latest technology, and, in most cases, immediate cost savings to your customer by being able to eliminate costly dedicated phone lines.

We’ve been strategic about how we’ve built our business. Our equipment is built to last. We keep customers for a very long time and the most expensive thing for us to do once we are up and running is to roll a truck. It makes sense for us to build our phones with that in mind.

Our service also includes auto-testing whereby we test the phones for dial tone and power monthly. Plus, remember that if your customers are utilizing our all-inclusive service, we take care of any equipment maintenance, repairs and replacement.

We work directly with customers to keep you from being the middle man and more importantly to ensure we have a direct line to the end user so we can keep up to date emergency call lists, which we customize for all our customer based on their needs.

Schools, Colleges, Hospitals

Many of our models are easily installed by your maintenance or telecommunications staff; however, professional installation is available from Kings III.

Yes, all our phones are ADA compliant and are installed in an ADA compliant manner.


Swimming Pool Phones

Our phone lines are phone line powered; however, line seizure and cellular options require a simple 110-130 VAC duplex outlet.

Periodic manual testing, and automatic self testing are the best assurances that your phone is working.

Yes, all our phones are ADA compliant and are installed in an ADA compliant manner.

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“It has been a pleasure working with Kings III. In my 5 year relationship with Kings III the service has been consistent and efficient, with great follow through. I would recommend Kings III to anyone reviewing their services.”

Clifton Davis, NHE Inc.