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Tired of hassling with elevator phones? We work with elevator contractors in multiple ways ranging from referral partnerships to simply providing elevator phone equipment. Where we really provide value is our monitoring. Offload the burden of elevator phones to Kings III while offering your customers a best-in-class emergency monitoring solution.

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Why Your Customers Will Love Us

Utilize Kings III All-Inclusive Services.

Imagine this: a one-stop-shop covering phone equipment, installation, ongoing maintenance and 24/7 monitoring. This clears your plate of these responsibilities and puts your customers in the hands of a monitoring partner you know will serve them well.

Ultimately, this not only saves your customers money via phone line elimination, but will also improve the quality of monitoring they receive.

Full Service

Increase Safety + Reliability.

If you use our phones, you know our equipment is reliable. Where we really add value is our monitoring. Our operators are more highly trained than is often required in 911 facilities, providing pre-arrival medical instruction to callers as needed. We also offer response in more than 175 languages.

Kings III Emergency Monitoring

Manage Client + Passenger Experience.

The right people with the right training results in the right response. We respond to callers with the utmost care, staying on the line until help arrives, if requested. Our customers love that we keep them in the loop so they can follow up with entrapped passengers as they see fit.

Passenger Experience

Mitigate Risk + Liability Exposure.

All calls are digitally recorded, date and time stamped. These are provided to customers upon request and have proven invaluable for heading off potential litigation. Additionally, all Kings III phones are fully ADA and ASME compliant.

Ask us about our multi-million dollar liability, E&O and umbrella insurance policies. Customers appreciate that we are willing to add them as an additional insured.

Help Your Customers Save.

In many cases, customers will have a dedicated line for each of their elevator cabs. Our smart line seizure technology enables true two-way communication of multiple emergency phones on a single existing line, eliminating the cost of dedicated phone lines.

Your customers aren’t using landlines? Not a problem- we offer cellular solutions as well.

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How Does the Referral
Program Work?

You probably want to know how we work together to get you out of the phone business in a way that makes you comfortable introducing us to your customers, right?

It’s not one size fits all. We have varying relationships with our elevator partners, typically based on how long we’ve worked together, level of desire and immediacy in wanting to get out of the phone business, number of existing cases that need immediate action, etc. Some partners share their customer information readily and some want to get their feet wet first, trialing with a customer or a handful of customers. The point is we have options.

We understand how important your customers are to you and that referring us puts your good name on the line too. We want to work together to help spread the word. You choose who we reach out to and can trust we will treat them like family (the kind of family you like).

Kings III is a dedicated partner you can trust to take care of your customers. We hope our 30 years in the industry and 98% customer retention rate speaks for itself.


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“Executive Elevator, Inc. has referred several customers to Kings III for emergency telephone monitoring with outstanding results and positive outcomes on every occasion. The security of knowing every emergency call is being handled by a specialized emergency dispatch center with seamless efficiency, gives us and our customers the peace of mind that is rare in the world of elevators. We highly recommend a Kings III partnership.”

Lorie Ann Farley, Executive Elevator