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Is it finally time to cut the dedicated landlines? Serious money could be saved by going cellular. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a 27% price increase on POTS lines from 2005 to 2020 while wireless costs have gone down 50% over the same time period. These price trends are a result of telecom providers phasing out support of analog lines. Lessening the priority on POTS lines logically results in slower service on both existing phone lines as well as those needed for new elevator installations. Delayed service on lines that keep emergency phones live and code compliant has serious implications.

You’ve likely encountered many of your customers looking to VoIP-based solutions for their business needs. VoIP makes sense for buildings nationwide but carries serious risks for elevator phones. Dependence on strong internet connections to keep emergency phones live is unreliable. Additionally, placing emergency phones on VoIP networks in accessible locations like elevators, opens the door to a building’s network.

Industries that are code required to have reliable communication systems are making the transition to cellular. Why is that? These requirements are in perfect harmony with cellular LTE solutions while other internet-based solutions simply aren’t dependable. The 4G LTE connectivity that Kings III’s cellular elevator phone provides delivers stability and reliability at a lower cost than analog.

Help your customer ditch their landlines.

Now is the time to go cellular. We make it easy with our best-in-class emergency monitoring. Kings III is a dedicated partner you can trust to take care of your customers. We hope our 30+ years in the industry and 98% customer retention rate speaks for itself.

Our Skyline Cellular Emergency Phone Solution

Skyline completely eliminates dependency on POTS lines by leveraging the mobile network. For elevators, our solution uses a traditional ADA-compliant hands-free phone in each elevator cab. The cellular transceiver is located outside of the concrete & steel-lined shaft.


Kings III’s cellular solution utilizes commercial strength equipment, created with the sole purpose of meeting the unique needs that come with emergency communication.

In a rush to meet customers’ needs, many other available cellular solutions are designed for personal, residential use but oftentimes make their way into commercial spaces as properties seek additional ways to save money. While they may work, they aren’t always designed with cellular emergency response in mind, creating a less reliable experience.


There’s been a lack of regulation regarding cellular communicators that has led to non-code compliant devices. Our cellular devices:

  • Have over 4-hour battery backup
  • Can trigger phone line verification via a line verification alarm system
  • Support multiple phones on one line while remaining code compliant

Many other solutions don’t have the capabilities mentioned above and therefore cannot comply to ASME standards.


Kings III’s cellular solution that more than 25,000 current customers know and trust for their emergency communications now has an optional added benefit. The Kings III M90 cellular dialer is currently the sole FirstNet Ready® emergency phone. FirstNet is the only nationwide communications network built with and for first responders, enhancing reliability and security when disaster strikes. FirstNet embedded solutions go through extensive review, and approved devices meet the highest standards for reliability, security, and performance.

FirstNet and the FirstNet logo are registered trademarks of the First Responder Network Authority. All other marks are the property of their respective owners.

Help Us Help You

Kings III’s referral program can help you provide a complete solution for your customer while creating an additional revenue stream for your company. We are flexible, with options to suit different needs and comfort levels and will provide a referral commission for the introduction. We make it easy. When you partner with Kings III, you’ll be set-up with a co-branded landing page to send your phone headaches directly to us as well as a dedicated Kings III team member to take care of your customer referrals. Learn more about our referral program here.

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