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Pool & Outdoor Phones

Kings III Emergency Pool Phones

You would be surprised at how often our pool phones are used for non-pool related emergencies. Drowning injuries and near drownings aside, our outdoor help phones are used for a variety of emergency calls such as children needing assistance, health emergencies, domestic disputes, burglary, theft and more.

Our phones are best in class, with a rugged design built to hold up outdoors and provide a reliable means to summon help in any outdoor emergency situation. Landline and cellular options available.

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Kings III Elevator Help Phones

With 18 billion elevator trips in the U.S. annually, an elevator malfunctioning is inevitable. Getting stuck in an elevator is troublesome and, at times even unsafe, often amplifying or inducing other health conditions.

Kings III offers a range of top of the line elevator help phones to fit each unique elevator’s needs and that can be reliable in the negative situations mentioned above.

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Kings III Emergency Help Phones

Kings III Emergency Help Phones

We offer emergency help phones, both blue light and stand-alone, fashioned to suit any vulnerable areas on your property. In addition to pools and elevators, Kings III help phones are often employed in campus settings, parking lots and garages, stairwells, fitness centers, and areas of refuge.

All phones are designed, assembled, and supported in the USA. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of code and technology changes and designing equipment that stands the test of time against other emergency phones. Landline and cellular options available.

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Kings III Emergency Help Phones







All-Inclusive Solution

Kings III Equipment

Kings III Equipment

With Kings III, all emergency phone equipment is included as part of our all-inclusive solution at no extra cost.

As code requirements tighten, it becomes increasingly important to trust an emergency phone expert when choosing among the myriad of solutions available. Our help phones are designed, assembled and supported in the USA. We design our emergency equipment with code compliance and caller experience in mind, staying at the forefront of code and technology changes.

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Kings III Equipment

Kings III Installation

Code Compliant Installation

Our all-inclusive emergency monitoring service includes equipment and installation, with guaranteed code compliance of initial installation.

At Kings III, we make it a priority to streamline the installation process for your ease and convenience, gathering as much information upfront to expedite job scheduling and completion. Our goal is to make working with us as hands-off as possible so that it does not interfere with your existing schedule and responsibilities.

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Kings III Installation

Kings III Lifetime Maintenance

Lifetime Maintenance + Auto Testing

In a perfect world, everything would run smoothly all the time. Unfortunately, we live in the real world, and problems do arise from time to time. The good news is, because we build our own equipment for the sole purpose of increased reliability and longer life expectancy, we rarely see issues with Kings III phone equipment itself.

We can often troubleshoot remotely and when we cannot, we’ll send a technician to remedy the issue. We also offer, upon request, an auto testing feature that tests your emergency phone for dial tone and power.

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Kings III Lifetime Maintenance

24/7/365 Emergency Monitoring

24/7/365 Emergency Monitoring

The most important aspect of our all-inclusive service includes 24/7/365 professional emergency phone monitoring in 175+ different languages via our ETL Listed Central Station.

Our operators’ knowledge of dispatch protocol and coordinating emergency services coupled with their level of training is what sets us apart. Your tenants, employees and visitors will connect to an Advanced Emergency Medical Dispatcher—a certification representing best-in-class responders with the ability to provide pre-arrival medical instruction when seconds count.

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24/7/365 Emergency Monitoring

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