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About Us

About Us

Founded in 1989, we pride ourselves on providing class leading, unmatched emergency communication services while delivering peace of mind to our customers.

Kings III monitors more than 57,000 emergency phones across the United States and Canada. We are fully integrated; not only engineering and manufacturing emergency phones, but also providing one-stop-shop solutions that include installation, maintenance, and 24/7 emergency monitoring.

Customer Care

At Kings III, our primary focus is servicing the customer above all else. Keeping a current customer satisfied is more important than gaining a new one. Happy customers send us new ones. As a private company, we don't have to cut corners to make quarterly profit goals. As a result, our customer retention rate is amazingly high at 98%.

Most important to you is that we stand behind what we sell and service. If there is a problem, we fix it, period. We are in the emergency phone business and understand our products must work when needed.

Kings III Core Values

1. Honesty & Integrity

2. Service to the customer above all else

3. Do what is right.

4. Good is not good enough: Pursue excellence.

5. Encourage individual initiative and growth.

What We're About

Earning the trust of our customers, their guests and the community by providing a safe, caring and helpful emergency response. 

Developing creative life safety technologies through the talent, initiative and ideas of our people. 

Ensuring excellence among employees by fostering a family culture of encouragement, gratitude and respect. 

Fully Integrated, Low Cost Provider

Kings III is unique because we are fully integrated to provide Turnkey Services. We not only design, engineer, and manufacture the equipment, we also provide 24/7 state-of-the-art monitoring. Our solutions are available for use in elevators, at poolside, in parking garages, on parking lots, at ATMs, in parks, greenbelts, stadiums and arena locations, to name a few. Because we will assume the responsibility for servicing the phones under long-term agreements, you can be sure our systems are built to last. As a result, we are clearly the best value.

ADA Compliant

Our emergency telephones are designed to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and all state Accessibility Codes, allowing easy access and usage by people who are physically, visually, hearing or speech impaired.

Line Seizure Capability

Our emergency equipment is capable of seizing an existing telephone line (such as a fax line) when activated. This unique feature eliminates the need for a dedicated phone line. With costs for such lines averaging over $49 a month, your annual savings can be significant.

Risk Management

At Kings III, we are very much aware of the litigation and liability risk in today's business environment.

To mitigate exposure:

  • We build emergency phones for unmatched dependability, focusing on reliability and performance at the highest level.
  • We take responsibility for proper installation and service and maintain what we sell.
  • We provide professional monitoring with a CPR trained monitoring staff and digitally record all phone conversations for later playback. This can be central if a question arises about how a call was handled.
  • Some of our customers who have their own guard desk still use us as a back up for the very reason of risk management. Our emergency dispatch center employs redundant power, telephone, server and data backup systems and a fully redundant emergency backup center.
  • Upon request, we name our clients as Additional Insured under our multi-ten million dollar combined liability, Errors & Omissions and umbrella insurance policies.

Kings III provides reliable products and services to meet your emergency phone needs. Protecting our customers' interests is paramount. We don't just sell equipment, we provide peace of mind.