Kings III Emergency Communications, Communication, Coppell, TX
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Are your customers regularly asking if you can monitor their emergency elevator phones? Tired of missing out on that revenue stream? Not anymore. Kings III offers special pricing for authorized dealers on cutting edge cellular technology for elevator communications.

What does being a Kings III authorized dealer mean for you?

  • Reliable, code compliant equipment – Elevator Connect 1000
  • Easy to install cellular service – we provide and manage the cellular SIMs
  • Increase RMR with existing customers – leave the elevator phone expertise to us

What does working with a Kings III authorized dealer mean for your customer?

  • Keep the relationship they know and love (expand it in fact)
  • Fewer vendor partners means less hassle, fewer invoices, etc.
  • Two subject matter experts for the price of one. We’re the elevator phone experts in your back pocket, ready and able to chime in when you need us.

Monitor- IF you want to

We know first-hand elevator phone monitoring is its own animal and we’re here to lift that additional burden if you so choose. What sets us apart? Our emergency operators specialize in answering live emergency calls with the ability to provide pre-arrival medical assistance if need be. They answer elevator entrapment calls daily and are prepared to calm passengers, enable language translation, you name it. Elevator entrapment response can come with additional risk and liability exposure, not just for you but also for your clients. We’re here to help with that.

That’s a hard pass, Kings III. I want to monitor all my customer phones – elevator phones included. Cool – let us get you set up with the right equipment and cellular connectivity at a price that’s more than fair. Easy for you, easy for us.

This all sounds great, Kings III, but what if I simply want to refer my customers to you and not deal with elevator phones at all? Allow us to introduce you to our referral program.

We’re the elevator phone experts you need and your customers deserve.

We keep the hassle, you keep your revenue.