You may not always expect a small line item, such as the emergency help phones on your property, to yield standout cost savings, but the proof is in the pudding. Here’s Cushman & Wakefield’s saving success story, made possible by Kings III.

For many suppliers, not being on the minds of their customers is seen as reason to worry. Here at Kings III, the opposite is true, especially in the critical area of life-safety emergency communications and its associated requirements.

We hear from our long list of commercial and multifamily owners and managers that if they are not thinking of us between billing cycles, that means we’re doing our job. They are busy – plain and simple – and the more we can take off their plates, the more valuable we are as partners in their daily operations. Kings III built its business based on expertise in emergency communication and code compliance, and we’ve gained the trust and comfort of our customers to rely on us to handle their potential onsite emergencies and keep them informed when it occurs. Our team is trained to focus on safety first, but with an approach of positively representing our customers as well. We understand that how an emergency is handled is a direct reflection of the management quality of our customers. Such has been our privilege for 30 years.

Cushman & Wakefield, a leading provider of property management services, was seeking such a supplier for one of the buildings it manages in Dallas: a high-profile commercial office tower that needed an updated emergency communications solution. This is the story of how Kings III helped Cushman & Wakefield accomplish exactly that and did it right.

The Need

Before implementing Kings III, this Cushman & Wakefield-managed building was using a two-way intercom system across 50 elevator phones and 12 garage and parking lot area of refuge phones, which all rang to the company’s 24/7 onsite security personnel. Understandably, these employees were already extremely busy, and expecting them to also man more than 60 phone lines was unsustainable.

The building sorely needed an equipment and monitoring update, but considering the staff’s other core responsibilities, the transition would require 2-4 years. Ownership needed to roll this out efficiently and reliably with the ability to troubleshoot any unforeseen complications along the way.

Choosing Kings III

Kings III listened to the staff’s needs and developed a proposal for converting the 50 elevator and 12 area refuge emergency phones over to a better solution. It was an attractive option to Cushman & Wakefield and to the property owner, specifically because it provided:

  • A more reliable service and monitoring approach
  • Ease of installation and low cost for converting the existing system
  • Substantial monthly cost savings
  • Removing monitoring burden from onsite staff by allocating that responsibility to Kings III’s expertly-trained Emergency Dispatch Center, which provides a comprehensive layer of liability protection through pre-arrival medical instruction, call recording, language translation, and equipment testing capabilities.

Cushman & Wakefield awarded Kings III with the privilege of solving the property’s emergency communications problem.


Cushman & Wakefield had budgeted $96,667 and 2-4 years of time for installation completion for this project. Kings III installed it for free in two days! No dedicated phone lines were needed for any of the phones.

After a simple sales and agreement process, Kings III’s operations team configured a system for the 62 emergency phones spanning three primary buildings, a remote building, and an underground parking garage connecting the main and remote areas, all of which were monitored directly by Kings III AEMD and CPR-trained operators. This made for a seamless handoff, along with the significant time and cost savings.

It never gets old, meeting and exceeding a customer’s expectations, and the delight and surprise of this Cushman & Wakefield team makes what we do that much more rewarding. They were astonished that they were able to upgrade a system they previously had to monitor and maintain to a service that completely assumed all of these responsibilities AND helped to reduce cost and liability exposure. In fact, during initial discussions, we were repeatedly asked a question we get often, “What are we missing? This just seems too good to be true.”

Not everything that appears too good to be true, is. Let us help you with your next success story- contact us to lighten your load and reap the benefits of an improved emergency communications system.



  • $96,667
  • 2-4 Years
  • Onsite Staff Responsibility
  • Liability Exposure

Don’t Just Take it From Us…

Kings III makes it easy as a single point-of-contact for all your emergency response needs. With expertise in line connectivity, compliance codes, equipment maintenance and safety protocol, we offer the total package.