Why Hillwood Property Manager Wants All Her Properties Using Kings III Elevator Phones

For many property managers, emergency elevator phones can and should be a set it and forget it item on their checklist. However, once looking into it, these owners often run into a multitude of elevator telephone issues that not only cause extra work and attention on their behalf, but even worse, can compromise the safety of their tenants.

Our aim at Kings III is to always provide the technology, expertise, and care that alleviates your emergency phone issues and allows us to fully assume that responsibility so you can, in true form, “set it and forget it.” We are happy to bridge this gap for our customers, and it appears they are happy for us to do it as well. In fact, we often find that when Kings III emergency phones are implemented at a new site, it’s not long before that building’s manager wants to have us assess additional locations to see if we can help alleviate those concerns across all buildings they manage. Consistency certainly never hurts, particularly in the case of emergency response that can help mitigate risk and liability exposure.

This is precisely what happened with Pattie McClean, CPM, a senior property manager at Hillwood– one of the top industrial, commercial, and residential real estate developers in the country, based in Dallas and founded by Ross Perot, Jr.

So, what made Pattie’s experience with Kings III elevator phone monitoring such a positive one? We’ll let her tell you herself in this Q&A.

Q: Pattie, when did you begin using Kings III’s emergency monitoring service for your elevator phones?

I was introduced to Kings III in 2018 through Kings III partnership with the Fort Worth Chapter of Institute Real Estate Management (IREM). Towards the end of 2018, I entered into contracts with Kings III for two of my office buildings and have since brought more buildings on. 

Q: What types of Kings III emergency phones do you have at your buildings? 

Kings III currently monitors all of the elevator phones at five of my office buildings. 

Q: Have we helped solve any problems that may have been created by previous emergency phone solutions you had in place?

Previously, the elevator monitoring was done by the elevator maintenance company. I was never confident that someone in need of help would actually receive it using those lines, and I was looking for something more specialized to help ensure safety for my tenants.

Q: What are some of the most valuable benefits you’ve seen as a result of working with  Kings III?

I have found that there are several benefits of using Kings III, cost being one of them. Being able to remove the phone lines and save on that monthly charge has made a difference with my overall budget. 

However, after having had Kings III monitoring in place for three years, even more invaluable is the trust I have in Kings III. To me, trust with vendors is so important. I need to be able to take care of my customers without any concern. With Kings III, I don’t have to think about my elevator phones. This gives me so much peace of mind. I can walk away and know that my tenants are going to be okay just knowing they will be on the other end of the line, and that they can do more than just contact someone to respond to an issue, including help with medical issues. I’m always blown away at the capabilities of Kings III’s call center. 

I’ve also been able to rely on Kings III as thought leaders in the emergency communications space. I am able to rely on them to come to me to tell me the newest thing I need to know– whether it’s code or technology updates, or new potential ways to save money (vs. me having to go to them). 

Q:  Is there any additional information about Kings III you think worth mentioning to companies similar to yours?

My building engineer checks all of my properties’ elevator phones monthly, and he has told me the only elevator phones that don’t raise issues or concerns are those monitored by Kings III. 

The issues he runs into with non-Kings III monitored phones include: 

  • Very low phone volume
  • Inability to hear the person who answers the elevator phone
  • Inability of phone operator to tell my engineer where the elevator was located
  • An incoming spam call to the elevator delayed access to make an outgoing phone call from the emergency elevator phone

Issues aside, he also mentions the quality that comes with Kings III monitoring. He says the phones are answered quickly and professionally, and Kings III dispatchers never seem annoyed when we conduct a test (not always the case with phones monitored by other parties).

For all the reasons listed above– the relationship I’ve built with Kings III, the cost savings I’ve seen, the service’s reliability, and the real-life experience that has made the difference between Kings III and other elevator phone monitoring solutions clear to me, I am currently in the process of switching all of my office buildings to Kings III.

We are proud of the service we provide and know it matters to our customers and to our emergency callers. We’re honored that exemplary real estate companies like Hillwood entrust us to help them stay at the forefront of emergency response– including all the technology and code updates that come with it.

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