Areas of Refuge

An area of refuge, also known as an area of rescue, is used in lieu of a safe escape route, for instance, a stairwell. Tenants may need to wait in an area of refuge if evacuation is not a safe or possible option in the case of fires and multiple other emergencies.

The equipment used for an Area of Refuge must meet all requirements as outlined in NFPA, IBC, and ADA codes.

No, our line seizure technology allows multiple emergency area of refuge phones to seize an existing phone line rather than requiring a dedicated line.

Generally, your local fire codes cover area of refuge emergency phones but they are also addressed in the International Building Code.

Yes, if your area of refuge phone was installed after July 1994, they must meet ADA requirements.

In order to comply with fire resistant regulations, we do not offer the equipment for Areas of Refuge, but we do provide 24/7/365 emergency monitoring, and, when needed, we can provide the dial tone to support existing equipment.

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