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Line sharing means that a telephone line issued by more than one telephone device. Our smart line seizing technology captures an existing phone line for use by our emergency phones. This enables our emergency phones to take over a phone line and use it to contact the Emergency Dispatch Center, while blocking access by non-emergency devices until the emergency call is completed. With line sharing, a non-emergency device may block emergency calls exposing you to liability.

Generally, we install the equipment 2-3 weeks after a signed service agreement has been received.

Yes, with our dialer technology, we can eliminate the cost of dedicated emergency phone lines.

Code compliance is your responsibility and “my inspector said…” is not a solid defense. Look here to find our emergency phone test procedures and perform the tests to see if your systems comply with code.

Yes, but to take advantage of any phone line consolidation opportunities we must install our equipment including our locating dialer. Also, when our equipment is installed, you are also eliminating surprise repair bills because full maintenance is included with our exclusive All-Inclusive Solutions package.

Yes, we have many different sizes and finishes of our flush mount unit (FM-3000). This will cover the phone cabinet door opening.

Yes, we do not require new-shield wiring.

Our Emergency Dispatch Center frees up the guard’s time, and if there is not a guard available you can rest assured that we will be available to answer the call and dispatch assistance.

Yes, our All-Inclusive Solution offers ADA compliant technology for a fraction of the cost of new phones.

Our technicians are problem solvers. They focus on getting your phones working rather than pointing fingers.


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Kings III makes it easy as a single point-of-contact for all your emergency response needs. With expertise in line connectivity, compliance codes, equipment maintenance, and safety protocol, we offer the total package.