Emergency Dispatch Center

Sure, we can monitor virtually any brand of emergency phone.

Kings III’s emergency call center not only dispatches fire/rescue, but also can dispatch maintenance personnel and property managers to handle non-emergency calls so unnecessary dispatches are reduced.

Not by Kings III, but other emergency responders may charge or fine you for excessive false calls.

Monitoring is a short term for all of the processes involved in handling emergency telephone calls. Our staff answers the emergency calls, dispatches the appropriate response personnel, and assists in keeping the caller calm. Our computer system digitally records the calls, including dispatch calls, and retrieves and displays all account information for our operators and logs all events electronically, time and date stamping the records. Find out more about monitoring here.

Yes, we digitally record all calls and store them for a minimum of seven years. The recordings can be retrieved or even emailed for later playback.

Our locating dialer technology automatically transmits the location information to our Emergency Call Center computers. That information is displayed before our operators answer the call. This technology allows us to quickly determine the nature of the emergency rather than wasting time trying to determine the caller’s location.

While there is truth in some of these stories, our cellular models utilize the same automatic locating system that our landline phones do. We do not rely on E911 or capturing caller ID in order to locate calls.