We have been in business since 1989.

If the building facility or parking lot was built or renovated after July 1994, any phone(s) installed must meet ADA requirements. Complete ADA regulations may be found at the U.S. Department of Justice website,

Yes, we carry general liability, umbrella, and Errors & Ommissions insurance coverage with combined limits reaching to the multi-ten millions.


Our All-Inclusive Solution package includes equipment, installation, full maintenance and 24-hour monitoring and dispatch services.

Not by Kings III, but other emergency responders may charge or fine you for excessive false calls.

For information about your state’s pool phone laws look here or check with your local environmental health department.

In most states the emergency phone must be no further than 200 unobstructed feet from the pool.

We generally bill quarterly in advance, however, we can easily accommodate your requirements. We also offer automatic credit card billing and EFT.

We monitor 60,000+ help phones at over 37,000 customer sites across the United States.

E911 or enhanced 911, is an initiative of the Federal Communication Commission primarily addressing the problem of locating cellular calls to 911 call centers. Many times cellular emergency calls are routed to the wrong 911 call center or locating data is lost during the transfer process.

Yes, we offer All- Inclusive Solutions that include installation, full maintenance and monitoring at affordable rates. These services are also available on an a la carte basis.

Many states require that you have an emergency phone in close proximity to the pool. Whether your state requires it or not, having an emergency phone by your pool can help avoid a tragedy and can reduce your liability exposure.

Yes, if you prefer not to use a POTS line, we offer cellular based solutions.

Yes, all of our phones comply with all state and local codes, we guarantee it.

It certainly may, check with your liability insurance carrier to be sure.

No, most states require that emergency phone calls must be answered by a dedicated emergency call center. Kings III maintains a dedicated emergency call center.

Periodic manual testing, and automatic self testing are the best assurances that your phone is working.

We usually schedule installations 2-3 weeks from receiving signed agreements. However, we can accommodate rush and emergency installations. Tower, parking lot, and garage installations generally occur within 8-12 weeks of purchase.

You can email Kings III directly at [email protected] or call our service number at 1-800-766-2029.

At Kings III’s Emergency Dispatch Center, calls are automatically identified via the transmission of DTMF tones sent by the phone or by caller ID (depending on phone manufacturer).

Yes, because they are either powered by the telephone line or by a back-up battery.

Yes they can. If Kings III is monitoring the phone and a scheduled test call is missed, our equipment automatically identifies the missed call and prompts our operators to initiate an action plan to determine the cause and restore function.


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Kings III makes it easy as a single point-of-contact for all your emergency response needs. With expertise in line connectivity, compliance codes, equipment maintenance, and safety protocol, we offer the total package.