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Building Stairwells

Building Stairwells

General questions about building stairwell emergency help phone requirements, codes and more answered here.

Why do I need building stairwell emergency phones?

Many municipalities are adopting new ordinances requiring emergency communication systems in building stairwells. Stairwell doors are often locked from the stairwell side, so people can become trapped by smoke when evacuating a building and need to be able to exit the stairwell to try another one or to reach an area of refuge.

What is the law for stairwell emergency phones?

Generally, your local fire codes cover stairwell emergency phones but they are also addressed in the International Building Code.

Do building stairwell phones have to meet ADA requirements?

Yes, if your stairwell emergency phones were installed after July 1994, they must meet ADA requirements.

Do I need a dedicated line for each phone?

No, our smart line seizure technology allows multiple emergency stairwell phones to seize an existing phone line rather than requiring a dedicated phone line.

How many phones do I need?

You need to check your local codes, but generally they are required on every 4th or 5th floor above grade in each stairwell.

What type of phone do I need in my building stairwell?

We offer several models and can assist you in selection of the model that best fits your needs.

Some of my stairwell doors have magnetic locks and others have door strikes. Can these locks be released in case of emergency?

Yes, our Emergency Dispatch Center can remotely release these locks with proper equipment installed on the door.

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