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Parking Garages

Parking Garages

General questions about parking garage emergency help phone requirements, codes and more answered here.

What type of emergency phone do you offer for my parking garage?

We offer many models and can assist you in selection of the model(s) that best fit your needs.

Can your emergency phones be mounted to the columns in the parking garage?


Do you offer cellular communication service?

Yes. Learn more.

I have elevators and stairwells in my parking garage. Do you offer emergency phones for those too?

Yes we do. Look at our elevator phones here, and our stairwell phones here.

What type of power do I need?

Many of our phones are phone line powered. 110-130 VAC is necessary to operate strobe lights and charge storage batteries in tower and cellular models.

The emergency help phone solution that reduces your risk, liability & potentially your costs

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