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Parking Lots

Parking Lots

General questions about parking lot emergency help phone requirements, codes and more answered here.

What type of emergency phone do I need for my parking lot?

We offer many models and can assist you in selection of the model(s) that best fit your needs.

What colors are available for the phone?

Our parking lot phones are generally red powder-coated steel, but are available in multiple color or color combinations.

What kind of foundation do I need to mount these phones?

It is preferable to have a steel reinforced concrete pier, approximately 18 inches in diameter extending at least one foot below the frost line. However, we can mount directly to light poles and most concrete parking lots without requiring foundation work.

Can our emergency phones be mounted to buildings or parking lot poles?


Who will these phones call?

These phones will call our emergency call center, or they can be programmed to call other designated responders as determined by our customers.

Is there a All-Inclusive Solutions package available that includes installation, monitoring, and service/maintenance, for parking lot phones?

Yes, we do offer All-Inclusive Solution options that make requiring parking lot phones budget friendly.

Do you offer cellular communication services?

Yes. Learn more.

How many phones do I need?

There is no hard fast rule. Considerations should include visibility, overall risk at the location, and accessibility.

The emergency help phone solution that reduces your risk, liability & potentially your costs

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