Kings III Emergency Dispatch Series June 2017 : Volume 2

Kings III Emergency Dispatch Series June 2017 : Volume 2

On-site emergency help phones in elevators, parking areas, stairwells and more provide an added sense of security to your occupants and reduce liability for your building. Not convinced? See our real-life examples of how help phones assisted in June 2017

Your occupants utilize property help phones for a greater variety of circumstances than you might initially assume. What better way to show you truly value client and public safety than to provide an easily accessible means to call for help 24/7/365? To follow are some of the actual emergency calls to Kings III where help was essential for the month of June alone.

June 2017:

Help Phone: Some children reported that the bike of another child got stolen. While remaining on the line, the mother of the child whose bike was stolen came on the line as well to relay information regarding the person who stole the bike. Dispatched police.

Pool Phone: Two children reported that some teenagers were fighting in the pool and trying to drown people an hour prior. Dispatched police.

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Pool Phone: Caller requested EMS for a fellow lifeguard who was shaking really bad and felt ill. Dispatched EMS to the property, and remained on the line until they arrived.

Help Phone: Building security used the emergency phone to request that we dispatch the Police due to kids refusing to leave the property. Dispatched police.

Help Phone: Kids reported an 18 year old shooting a BB gun then running away. Dispatched police.

Elevator Phone: Entrapment – the passenger stated she was extremely hot and requested an ambulance. Dispatched EMS and Fire Department.

Pool Phone: Caller reported that a child had been in the jacuzzi and had drowned, people at the pool performed CPR, and the child was awake and breathing. Dispatched EMS.

Help Phone: Caller stated that he believed he had a staph infection from an elbow wound he received 2 weeks prior. He reported feeling dizzy, that he believed he had a fever and that the area around the wound was hot. We remained on the line with him until EMS arrived.

Help Phone: An unattended 3 year old boy pushed the emergency button. He said that his mother was at home sleeping. Dispatched police and remained on the line until an officer arrived and took custody of the child.

Help Phone: Caller reported an elderly woman had fallen pretty badly in the parking lot. Dispatched EMS.

Help Phone: A woman called needing the Police Department again due to kids breaking into her home. She said the door has been messed up and the kids attempted to steal her TV. She believes that the children who keep doing this live in the apartment complex. The Police Department officer was conferenced in and told her that the Police Department is on the way and to wait at her apartment for them.

Help Phone: A 14-year old boy stated he had an argument with his mother and walked away from the apartment. He called on the emergency phone for advice. When asked if he wanted to speak to a dispatcher at the police department for advice, he stated yes. When the Police Department dispatcher was conferenced in, Ryan was no longer answering questions. Dispatched police.

Pool Phone: A man reported that a female was having convulsions, but didn’t have additional information on the situation. He wanted to make sure EMS was en route. Dispatched EMS

Elevator Phone: Entrapment – passenger requested EMS for chest pain and difficulty breathing. Dispatched EMS.

Pool Phone: Caller reported that their nephew had a seizure while he was in the water. Dispatched EMS.

Elevator Phone: Entrapment – passenger requested EMS for high blood pressure in combination with his nervousness.

Pool Phone: Caller requested an EMS for a teenager that had jumped off the diving board and couldn’t get out of the pool.

Help Phone: A woman stated that a man tried to trap her in his apartment, but she was able to escape and requested police dispatch so she could get her purse out of his apartment.

Help Phone: A girl reported there was a trash fire that is close to the office. Dispatched Fire Department.

Pool Phone: Callers reported their purses being stolen while they were swimming. Dispatched police. One of the callers then called back and requested EMS due to her having a panic attack. Dispatched EMS.

At Kings III, we stand firmly behind the idea that the right people with the right training results in the right response. Our monitoring provides just that, all while keeping your management team informed and helping to reduce your risk, reduce your liability and potentially reduce your costs. Learn more at

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