Preparing for Unique and Unexpected Property Emergencies

It is essential that property managers are prepared to keep their tenants and property safe, even during disasters that are not standard or predictable. See examples of such property emergencies and learn what you can do about them in this blog post.

Your job as the property manager may not always be an easy one. For instance, one of your  (and sometimes challenging) priorities includes both your property and tenants safe. That often takes proactive and preventative measures to help prevent unsafe practices from occurring. With a multitude of tenants on your properties, we are sure that time has taught you that no matter how well you may prepare and plan ahead for the event of an emergency, there is always the opportunity that some crises are so unique, that there was no way you could have even thought to have prevented it in the first place.

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At Kings III, we like to share actual calls that our Emergency Dispatch Center receives from properties similar to your own like in the video above. We don’t do this to scare you or to brag (well, not bragging for the most part). We do this because we want to keep you thinking about scenarios can and actually have happened. We want you to be putting yourself in these situations and challenging yourself- would your property be equipped to handle this sort of situation?

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Highlighted in the video above include someone who got hit by a car while on property, a woman with trespass and theft issues regarding an ex, a physical altercation onsite and even robbery of property belongings reported by staff.

Now, when you’re taking preventative safety measures for your property, you’re not likely to include a section entitled “The Actions to Take if a Resident’s Ex Boyfriend Steals Her Phone” within your Emergency Action Plan. However, this particular scenario has elements of both criminal activity and domestic disturbance, both of which as a property manager, you should have some sort of plan set in place regarding. For more information on crime prevention for your building, see our blog post on crime prevention.

Unfortunately, not all emergencies can be prevented, as the video above shows. Furthermore, when these emergencies occur, what starts as a single occurrence can snowball and affect the safety of your entire property, all for which you are liable. What does this mean? Not only do you need prevention methods for your property, but it is also essential that you have a strategy and response for anything that may go awry on your property.

All the scenarios in the video shown above have one thing in common: If something like any of these situations were to occur on your property, it would fall under your responsibility to provide your tenants with the means to access to timely and reliable help. After all, as you heard in this video, oftentimes people’s cell phones are unavailable or inaccessible during an emergency- a time when they would need it most.

There are some areas on your property where emergency help phones may be required by code, such as in the elevator or by the pool. You may have others throughout the property as a means of safety best practices (and we commend you if you do!). No matter the specifics, the most important priority is that they serve as an effective means to getting the appropriate help required.

Think about the situations that you just got to listen in on. Where would your priorities lie? We would assume that your tenants’ would fall first and foremost, with the wellbeing of your property to follow. Finally, you would probably want to be made aware of the issues that took place, correct? While you may not always be there when something goes wrong on your property, but as the person in charge, you should know about it as soon as possible in order to correct the current problem and to be aware of any shortcomings on your end that may have contributed to the occurrence.

Kings III emergency operators receive training and certification higher than required in most 911 emergency centers. We are dedicated to learning everything that we can about the situation, making the caller feel comfortable, dispatching out necessary help with all important information and providing certified emergency assistance over the phone until that help arrives. What’s more- once the situation has been taken care of, we make sure to alert you, the property manager, of whatever disturbance has occurred. This is an extra (and essential) step that would not take place if you simply connected emergency phones straight to 911 or relied on occupants using their cell phones. The video above shows that we are equipped to and experienced in handling emergencies all across the spectrum. We are prepared to provide the necessary help.

Kings III offers all types of emergency phones, including the installation and maintenance of such phones, but what makes us unique lies in our emergency monitoring services. We provide a dedication to both property safety and management liability unlike any other North America. Do scary situations like the one in that video happen? Yes, but we want to be there for you and your tenants when they do. Learn how we can do so at

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