Three Reasons Why Emergency Response Should Be Consistent Across All Your Properties

Recent News Reveals Elevator Rides Turned Tragic. What Can We Do?

How do you respond to emergencies across all of your properties? Do your emergency phones work?  Who answers them? Are they Trained? 

Imagine mitigating your property’s risk, reducing your liability, increasing safety and lowering your cost… all with one simple implementation.  

Now imagine having that benefit in every elevator in every building across all sites and locations in your portfolio, so that no matter where you were or who might ask, you always knew the answer to questions like “Who answers your emergency phones?” or “Are your elevator phones code compliant?” or “How are entrapments handled at your properties?”. 

In developing any incident response plan, you’ll likely want to determine what’s at stake and evaluate your vulnerability and risk potential. 

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What’s at stake

Aside from the immediate cost of multiple vendors and inconsistent training; consider the worst-case scenarios like poor tenant satisfaction, a lawsuit, or even injury or loss of life. Below we’ll go into detail on three reasons consistency in emergency response is particularly important. 

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1. Tenant Satisfaction

Unless it has happened to you, you really don’t think about what a negative experience getting stuck in an elevator can be. At best, it’s an annoying interruption to your day. From there, the reactions only get worse. Some tenants can become extremely panicked and feel a sense of helplessness. Some will try and pry the elevator door open (potentially worsening their situation). For others, an elevator entrapment can even trigger a pre–existing medical condition, creating a safety issue. How often does this happen? More than you’d think: Of the average of 1200 entrapment calls Kings III receives each month, nearly 500+ of them require EMS, police or fire department dispatch. Tenants need to feel they are safe and can rely on you and your staff. Proactive follow up when something has gone wrong inspires confidence and instills a care factor that will set you apart.

We keep this all in mind at Kings III. The right people with the right training results in the right response. Our dispatchers respond to callers with the utmost care, even staying on the line until help arrives, when needed.

Kings III is a best in class partner and service that offers 24/7/365 assistance. Our commitment is that your emergency calls will be responded to in a consistent manner by emergency dispatchers more highly trained than those often supporting 911 facilities. In fact, our operators are Advanced Emergency Medical Dispatch certified (AEMD). This designation allows them to give callers step-by-step pre-arrival medical instructions, including CPR, if needed. An AEMD certification meets and exceeds all national safety requirements and allows for timely attention in the event of an emergency. Providing pre-arrival care makes the difference in not only client satisfaction, but in many cases, it can affect the chances of survival.

Our team also keeps you in the loop so that you have the opportunity to follow up with your tenants, employees and visitors after an incident. This is essential in order to help ensure tenants that run into a situation on site that someone is aware and doing everything they can to correct the issue.

2. Vulnerability and Risk Potential 

When it comes to your elevators, code Compliance is Key – and you need the right partner to ensure that you’re not exposed to unnecessary liability. Just because your elevators passed inspection doesn’t mean you’re code compliant.

Part of Kings III’s commitment to our customers throughout the US is to help make sure emergency phones on your properties are well within compliance. Additionally, rather than you indemnifying us, Kings III is willing to add additional insured under our E&O and umbrella policies.    

For your added protection and peace of mind, Kings III also keeps a record of every call, further protecting you and your clients against false claims and providing clear follow up for training or reporting. Every phone call is digitally recorded, date/time stamped and permanently stored automatically. For what it’s worth, historically we’ve received 2-4 requests a week for call recordings from our customers.

3. Cost Efficiency

Lastly, as an added value benefit, our Kings III Skyline Cellular Emergency Phone Solution, completely eliminates dependency on POTS lines (Plain Old Telephone Service) by leveraging the mobile network. For elevators, our solution uses a traditional ADA compliant handsfree phone in each elevator cab and we test coverage before installation to achieve the best signal strength. In many cases, you will have a dedicated line for each of your elevator cabs using costly landlines. Our technology eliminates the need for those dedicated lines. 

Kings III Emergency Communications is a simple solution to your commercial real estate incident response and continuity plans 

At the end of the day, streamlining your emergency response increases reliability for both you and your tenants and strengthens your brand. Being able to rely on a consistent and cost efficient expert response to some of the most sensitive incidences across all of your properties provides a peace of mind that can’t be matched. If you’re interested in utilizing Kings III to strengthen the emergency response at your properties, contact us here.   

Building Your Emergency Action Plan


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Kings III makes it easy as a single point-of-contact for all your emergency response needs. With expertise in line connectivity, compliance codes, equipment maintenance and safety protocol, we offer the total package.