The sunset of 3G communications is on the horizon and as your trusted communications expert, we’re here to help. As a Kings III customer, your upgrade to 4G VoLTE is included in your ongoing maintenance. No need for you to contact us, we will work to upgrade your equipment in a timely manner during our normal course of business. We just ask you be responsive and flexible when we contact you for scheduling. This will help to avoid potential connectivity issues for your property and other uncertainty tied to the sunset.

What does this mean for you?

  • Longevity for the new hardware
  • Increased reliability during emergencies or natural disasters
  • Faster and more reliable data transmissions
  • Ongoing connectivity issues minimized

Why is it important that we act quickly?

The sun-setting of 3G won’t be an overnight shut down. The network will gradually begin to dissipate, just like the sunsets we see everyday. This will affect some regions before others as spectrum begins to be repurposed for the more modern networks. At Kings III, we aren’t wasting any time waiting for that to happen. We plan to have our entire customer base transitioned to 4G/LTE well before final 3G sunset dates to avoid any risk of compromised connections to emergency phones.

How are we approaching equipment replacement?

Glad you asked. For Kings III customers with our all-inclusive turnkey service, we are currently underway on our extensive equipment replacement project, ensuring customers have 4G equipment ahead of the sunset. The equipment upgrade to 4G/LTE is included in your turnkey service agreement. This means no hassle or additional cost to you. 

Our technicians are currently working these upgrades into existing service calls, meaning if we’re scheduled to be onsite for any other reason, we will upgrade your equipment while there. For customers who have no current service need, we are scheduling special trips to your property solely to replace the equipment to ensure you’re taken care of pre-sunset. We very much appreciate your teams being available and flexible in helping us to schedule our site visit in a timely manner. Our goal is to get you squared away and avoid any surprise visits (which aren’t fun for any of us). The ability to connect quickly and secure an appointment helps us all. 

Learn more about the sunset of 3G communications, why it’s happening and what it means in our blog.

Still using costly analog lines for your properties emergency phones? Upgrade to cellular today!