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As technology advances and the decommissioning of landlines becomes more prevalent, we’ve found that many people have turned to a landline replacement system where implementation with their emergency communications becomes more of an afterthought.  Fortunately, this wasn’t the case for Townsmen Properties. In this customer success story, you’ll see how they were able to make the transition from landline to cellular with ease, prioritizing their emergency response by utilizing Kings III. 

Townsmen Properties is a prominent property management company located in Asbury Park, New Jersey with a focus on condominium association management. With a collective experience of over twenty years in construction, finance, and customer service, the company’s expertise is evident in its daily management of its properties.

Townsmen’s President, Herb Fehrenbach, certainly recognizes the need to prioritize safety throughout his company’s portfolio. For him, managing eight condominium buildings furnished with elevators (and one with a pool as well) underscores the critical need for dependable emergency communication systems. Because of this, upon receiving communication from his elevator service company about needing to replace and upgrade his emergency phones, he took it seriously.

With his traditional copper lines no longer a viable option, Herb realized the VoIP product used for other building communications would not prove reliable in the case of his emergency phones, particularly in the event of a power failure. He understood if he wanted to maintain a consistent standard of safety for his occupants, a new solution was in order.

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Enter Kings III: In 2022, Townsmen discovered our cellular solution and recognized how it could address his challenges. By replacing their emergency phones with Kings III’s updated devices, they were able to eliminate the necessity for analog phone lines entirely. Most importantly, they were able to do it reliably- Kings III’s cellular device served as a fail-safe backup during power outages, guaranteeing uninterrupted communication during critical moments via our cellular battery backup. Herb also found peace of mind knowing that Kings III’s regularly scheduled auto testing (available upon request) is more than likely to detect any issues or interruptions in emergency phone service before an occupant at his condominium would run into the issue themselves.

Personnel matters.

It wasn’t just Kings III’s solution that impressed Townsmen. Herb found great value in his relationship with his contact at Kings III. He expressed how grateful he was for his rep’s expertise and how impressed he was by her responsiveness throughout the entire process, from initial contact and process outline to the proposal and contract stages. Kings III’s rep executed the process with professionalism and efficiency.

Smooth installation journey

In 2023, Townsmen greenlit the transition for ten devices across six buildings with Kings III’s equipment and service, including both elevator and pool phones. The installation process was swift and seamless, thanks to the prowess of Kings III’s installation tech. His attention to detail ensured that each installation was flawless even when encountering small issues, which he quickly recognized and resolved. This speaks to Kings III’s commitment to delivering exceptional service.

Delivering peace of mind

Thanks to Kings III, Townsmen residents could rest assured knowing that help was just a push of a button away in the event of an emergency. The smooth transition to Kings III’s cellular-based system not only enhanced safety but also provided them with peace of mind. Townsmen is grateful for the outstanding service provided by the entire Kings III team. Their commitment to excellence had truly elevated properties to new heights of safety and reliability.

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For over three decades, Kings III Emergency Communications has been a trusted provider of comprehensive, compliant, and cost-effective emergency phone systems. With a track record of monitoring 110,000+ help phones nationwide, we specialize in delivering solutions for elevators, poolside areas, stairwells, parking, and beyond.

By partnering with Kings III, clients benefit from reduced risk, minimized liability, and potentially even lower costs, thanks to the commitment to delivering top-tier help phone solutions and unparalleled service excellence.

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