Why Olympus Properties Stay Brand Loyal to Kings III

If there’s one thing you should know about Kings III, it’s that we pride ourselves on creating loyal customers. In fact, we have a retention rate of 98%– a number almost unheard of among most companies, and perhaps particularly so for those in the emergency and security monitoring space. What’s more, is our customers stay with us for a long time.

How do we do it? We’d like to share some insight straight from the source. We love hearing from our customers and if you’re like us, nothing really speaks better to a vendor partner’s service than hearing it directly from an industry colleague, right?

Kings III customer Sarah Turner is an Olympus Property Senior Regional Manager, located in Fort Worth, Texas. She has more than two decades of experience in the industry and as well as a solid history with Kings III.

Olympus Property is a fast-growing multifamily property management organization, providing luxury apartment homes across 10 states in the South and the West. With 25+ years of experience, they have a proven successful track record, using a customer-centric management approach.

So, why does Sarah choose to work with Kings III, and what does her experience with us look like? We’ll let her tell you in her own words:

Q: Sarah, when did you begin using Kings III’s emergency monitoring service for your emergency phones? 

A: Even before being with Olympus, I’ve been in the multifamily industry for over 22 years, and I don’t remember a time I didn’t have Kings III at my pools. I’ve always had such a seamless and reliable experience with Kings III that if we acquire a property that doesn’t already utilize Kings III for their emergency phones, I really just don’t get it. To me, it seems like the most obvious solution. 

Q: What types of Kings III emergency phones do you have at your buildings? 

A: Our buildings utilize 72 Kings III emergency pool phones and emergency elevator phones across 29 sites throughout the U.S.

Q: Have we helped solve any problems that may have been created by previous emergency phone solutions you had in place? 

A: Honestly, I have always used Kings III for our pool phones. The use of Kings III for our elevator phones is newer, and the customer service has been great. I had some elevators that were damaged due to flooding, and Kings III was able to have repairs done for us even faster than the elevator company. It was great to have that kind of urgency, response, and service. 

Q: What are some of the most valuable benefits you’ve seen as a result of using Kings III? 

A: It really boils down to 3 things: reduction of risk and liability, increased reliability that our emergency phones are dependable, and cost-effectiveness. 

The reduction of risk and liability is a huge benefit that Kings III brings me. It allows for a sense of comfort that I don’t always see with other services. The regularly scheduled emergency phone testing that Kings III provides has caught issues at some of our emergency phones before we had even detected them, which enables rapid correction before an actual problem ever arises. Preventative maintenance is an absolutely essential part of my job, but because of this system, I know our emergency phone solution is a constant that I can count on functioning correctly, so it gives me one less thing to worry about. 

In the past, I have been worried about having some trouble with our elevators, even my staff told me, “Believe me, we have Kings III. We’ll get it up.” It’s clear that Kings III’s reliability is well-known.

Of course, in property management, the cost will always be a factor. Kings III’s rates are comparable, and in many instances, they’re better than other companies. The cost-effectiveness of the service coupled with the reliability and assurance that the solution provides make it a no brainer choice. 

Q:  Is there any additional information about Kings III you think worth mentioning to companies similar to yours? 

A: The multifamily industry is always moving. At Olympus, when we acquire or sell a site, the team at Kings III is incredibly easy to work with during these transactions. Whether setting up a new service or helping with transferring to new owners, Kings III is nothing we worry about. We sincerely appreciate this service. 

We love to get this valuable feedback from longtime customers like Sarah and renowned management companies like Olympus. To us, two key themes sum up Sarah’s continued loyalty to Kings III:

#1: Kings III focuses on personal relationship building, not site-based transactions. It’s clear from Sarah’s account that her relationship with Kings III has spanned many years and across different companies. At Kings III, we strive to build long-lasting relationships.  We continue to stay in touch with customers to help ensure we are meeting their needs well beyond the sales process, and often, we retain the relationship as they move forward in their careers and on to new property management companies. . We work hard to build trust with our customers that allows them to have peace of mind and that can bridge across multiple situations, experiences, and locations.

#2: Reliability, reliability, reliability. Sarah mentioned several times that she knew she could rely on Kings III’s consistent service, giving her less to worry about and less on her plate. Building managers want their sites to run like well-oiled machines, and that is exactly what Kings III keeps in mind by including maintenance as part of our all-inclusive emergency phone solution. We understand we’re in the life safety business and our equipment and service must work when needed. If there’s an issue, we fix it. Period. Learn more about our lifetime maintenance and auto testing.

Just as Olympus Property benefits from utilizing Kings III, we also benefit from having them as a customer. Exemplary management companies, like Olympus, have a true focus on the well-being of their buildings and tenants. This allows us to focus on and carry out our ultimate goal: enhancing life safety at properties across the country while helping mitigate risk for our clients.

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