We have quite a bit that sets us apart. Here are a few that seem to strike a chord.

  • Code Compliance Issues: Answering services not staffed at the necessary level often miss the 45 second call pick up that is required by code.
  • On Hold Issues (also code compliant related): When they do pick up, if they put the caller on hold as we have heard is a common occurrence from our colleagues in the elevator world, they are missing the valuable step of retrieving location and elevator cab information, also required by code. The answering of Kings III emergency calls and proper staffing is not an issue. What’s even better is that we do not have loopholes that allow us to miss the location information of a caller. When we install our phones, that customer account is kept in our system with detailed address and elevator cab information that is auto-identified when it rings into the Kings III Dispatch Center. In fact, our operators have location ID and cab automatically served up to them before they even pick up the call. It’s these details that matter.
  • Investment in the Elevator Industry. We are invested in the industry. Our CEO is an elevator guy, owning his own California-based elevator company in a prior life and maintaining his Qualified Elevator Inspector (QEI) license. We have a slew of certified elevator mechanics as well and our internal team marries competencies from the elevator industry, central station monitoring, telecommunicatons and security world. What this really means for you is we are well versed in the space and invested in keeping on top of code changes and development needs such as the 2018 IBC Code update for the hearing impaired and the 2019 ASME code change that is set to require the ability to capture an image of the elevator floor and the ability to communicate via text on the elevator panel. . The elevator monitoring world is changing, but you can rest assured we are on top of it – our business relies on it.