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Schools, Colleges, and Hospitals

Schools, Colleges, and Hospitals

General questions about schools, colleges and hospital emergency help phone requirements, codes and more answered here.

What type of emergency phones do you offer for these types of campuses?

We offer a full line of emergency phones including elevator phones, stairwell phones, area of refuge phones, parking lot phones and parking garage phones.

Will your phone work with our current PBX system?


Are your phones ADA compliant and can they be installed in an ADA compliant manner

Yes, all our phones are ADA compliant and are installed in an ADA compliant manner.

Can we install and program your phones or do we need professional installation help?

Many of our models are easily installed by your maintenance or telecommunications staff; however, professional installation is available from Kings III.

We find it difficult to keep our phones working. Can you offer a solution to our chronic problem?

Kings III phones are carefully built for reliability. Our position is that emergency phones need to work every time. The phones have rugged components and are triple tested including after installation.

The emergency help phone solution that reduces your risk, liability & potentially your costs

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