That’s easy. We help you offer your customers a best in class emergency monitoring solution that helps:

  • Increase Safety & Reliability – If you use our phones you know our equipment is reliable. Where we really add value is our monitoring. Medically trained operators handle entrapments daily and can respond in 175+ languages.
  • Mitigate Liability Exposure – All calls are digitally recorded, date and time stamped. These are provided to customers upon request and have proven invaluable for heading off potential litigation. We receive at least 5 calls weekly from customers requesting this information to head off an issue.
  • Manage Tenant Experience – We respond to callers with the utmost care, staying on the line until help arrives, if requested. We keep customers informed so they can follow up with entrapped parties as they wish.
  • Reduce Costs – Our smart line seizure technology eliminates the need for dedicated emergency telephone lines. Your customers aren’t using landlines? We offer cellular solutions as well and have a slew of reasons for why that is the better option. Additionally, your customers can avoid unbudgeted expenses – our phones come with a lifetime warranty with our all-inclusive solution.

Your customers will thank you, trust us! We have nearly 30 years invested and with a consistent 97% customer retention rate are confident in the value we provide.