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Our Services

Our Services

Kings III's turnkey emergency monitoring solutions cover all emergency phone needs, from installation to 24/7/365 emergency dispatch monitoring and lifetime maintenance.

Code Compliant Services

What do you get when you sign on with Kings III Emergency Telephone Monitoring?


Our Services Include:

  • Emergency telephones and other required equipment
  • Installation
  • Line seizure capability (eliminates dedicated line cost)
  • Monitoring at our 24-hour Emergency Dispatch Center
  • Dispatch of emergency medical services and non-emergency calls
  • Digital recording and storage of all calls
  • Maintenance of all equipment provided
  • Auto testing upon request (see more at the bottom of our Lifetime Maintenance Page

Stay Code Compliant. Stay Informed.

Often times, incidents may occur on commercial and multifamily properties requiring emergency communications without the property manager or owner's immediate knowledge. Such incidents can include but are not limited to elevator entrapments or accidents in the stairwell, by the pool or elsewhere on the property. Kings III is proud to offer all-inclusive, turnkey emergency help phone solutions that provide the best service to your clients and the best value to you. We ensure that your system is code compliant and our monitoring process keeps you informed of the happenings on your property. Ultimately, our service reduces your risk, your liability and potentially your costs.

All-Inclusive, Turnkey Solutions.

With Kings III, everything relating to your elevator, pool area and other emergency telephone needs is included in one affordable package, with one point of responsibility. As experts in the field of emergency monitoring, we know what it takes to provide a reliable, code compliant solution. After all, we've been designing, manufacturing, installing, servicing and monitoring emergency telephones since 1989 and have tens of thousands under our care daily. In fact, we work closely with many elevator service providers to alleviate this pain point for them in an effort to provide their customers with the best value and most benefit that a monitoring solution can offer.

Kings III Building and Services


How Might Our Services Be Able to Reduce Your Costs?

The Kings III unique line seizure technology allows for elimination of costly dedicated emergency phone lines. Common lines seized include fax lines, access control, back office lines, secondary fire lines and HVAC lines. This setup allows for an emergency call to take precedent, temporarily, over the seized phone line until the emergency call is complete, at which point the borrowed line is released.

Cellular Options

Trying to reduce your landline telephone expense, but don't have a landline available to seize or unable to get a wire to your intended emergency phone location? We've got you covered. Our unique cellular technology service may be the perfect solution. Our cellular system provides a GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) cellular dial tone in areas where landline service is unavailable or is prohibitively expensive. Contact us to discuss the best option for your property.

Your Opinion Matters to Us.

Kings III prides itself on its exemplary service and always keeps the customer's interest in mind. This is why after each installation and any maintenance service, we reach out to customers and request their feedback on their experience via a Net Promoter Score Survey, a widely used benchmark for customer experience performance. King's III's net promoter scores as of August 2018 are:

Kings III NPS Maintenance Scores                    

These are exceptional scores of which we are very proud. We're talking close to Apple territory here and far ahead of typical security industry numbers. "Good enough is not good enough; pursue excellence" is a core value of ours and lives in everything we do, installation included. Learn more about the Net Promoter Score in this blog post.

Reach out

Kings III has a total of 53 field service technicians dispersed regionally. Have a question or maintenance need? See how to get in touch with us