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Elevator Partner Program

  • Elevator Partner Program
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    "When you consider value, liability protection and service, Kings III is an excellent choice. They are a great partner, one we would recommend to anyone in the market for emergency communication services."

    William Castillo, Case & Associates Properties, Inc.

Elevator Partner Program

99 Problems, But an Elevator Phone Ain't One. If it is, let's talk.

Eliminate your elevator phone headaches and generate additional revenue via our elevator partner program.  

Reduce YOUR Hassle and Your Customer's Risk, Liability & Costs.

Our Elevator Partner Program is built specifically to help elevator contractors offload the handling of their customer's elevator phone equipment and monitoring while sharing in the revenue generated from implementing the Kings III all-inclusive service package. We handle everything top to bottom including equipment, installation, ongoing phone equipment maintenance and monitoring all for one low price. In fact, our services are often less than what your customer's are currently paying for a dedicated phone line, which we can typically eliminate.

How is Our Partner Program Mutually Beneficial?

We are looking for proactive partners to help us move the Kings III adoption needle and rid themselves of elevator phone headaches while pocketing extra revenue. We are launching the new program at the NAEC Fall Convention in Orlando in September with an NAEC show special. We will pay you up to $500 per elevator to monitor your customer's phones. 

More details on our program here.

Because we have been in the elevator phone business for more than two decades, you can rest assured the equipment and emergency telephone monitoring procedures employed are state-of-the-art and code compliant nationwide. Our staff of skilled emergency telephone technicians will expertly install or upgrade your client's elevator telephone systems assuring compliance with the latest elevator and accessibility codes.

Monitoring Perks for Your Clients

Our staff is Advanced Emergency Medical Dispatcher (AEMD) certified and are only monitoring emergency phones. Additionally, every call is automatically digitally recorded and all event records are permanently archived and available upon request. This eliminates the 'he said, she said' argument that often occurs in conjunction with an elevator entrapment, providing an invaluable risk management tool for your client.

The Elevator Partner Program is a win-win. It allows you to focus on your core business while we focus on what we do best, providing a best value and full service emergency monitoring solution.

Interested in discussing the program in detail? Inquire here