FirstNet provides a communications fast lane with dedicated network capacity and a resilient hardened connection for first responders. The FirstNet Responder Network Authority oversees testing of products and services before they are deployed and Kings III is proud to be a certified member of FirstNet’s expanded community. We are excited to offer this upgrade to our customers.

FirstNet Benefits

FirstNet is the only nationwide high-speed broadband communications platform that was made solely for and is devoted to the country’s first responders. Not only was it built for public safety, it was advocated for by the public safety community and fashioned in response to the communication challenges faced during disasters and emergencies– largely brought to light after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The network utilizes groundbreaking, innovative, and inventive tools, allowing for focus on the mission with interruption-free service. Here are some of the additional unique public safety features and benefits you can expect from the network:

First responders rely on more than 10,000 separate radio networks. These networks can often run into incompatibility issues during emergencies, which can lead to confusion and delay of essential help.

Alternatively, FirstNet offers ONE nationwide interoperable LTE network, dedicated solely to public safety communications. It’s configured specifically for America’s police, firefighters, EMS personnel, and other first responders with the intent of helping them connect to the most critical and necessary information that they need– consistently, on any day and in every emergency.

Work in the government sector? The network calls you out specifically. It is helping modernize the way customers across federal, state, and local sectors operate, in addition to K-12 and higher institutions. The intent is to provide a powerful service that brings together solutions in order to protect, serve, and connect for an overall safer and stronger community.

At Kings III, we sometimes see challenges with cellular technology for our customers in more remote or rural areas with poor coverage. FirstNet provides these properties a new, reliable cellular option for emergency phones via this dedicated network.

FirstNet reaches locations where coverage is often spotty or difficult using dedicated capacity along with high-power towers that cover more space with less total infrastructure. Its devices are created to meet the focused needs of public safety. The First Responder Network Authority oversees the testing and validation of both the network and devices to help ensure efficient response in disaster and emergency situations. The network is constantly working to improve communications with the objective of better response times and outcomes for ALL first responders– in both urban and rural areas, from coast-to-coast, both inland and on borders.

The result? Safer and more secure communities everywhere.

See this website for updates on how AT&T is boosting the network in various states and networks.

FirstNet network is much less limited by size than other options. In large events when large crowds gather in a single location like concerts, festivals, and sports games, most services are spotty at best due to heavy wireless use that leads to congestion and capacity issues.  In these instances, there is no differentiation between public safety users and any other commercial or enterprise user.

On the contrary, FirstNet works to provide improved response times and outcomes. With the network, public safety users get a dedicated “fast lane” with priority access, more network capacity, and a resilient and hardened connection for every emergency situation. FirstNet recognizes that no connection is more important than one that can save a life. Because FirstNet utilizes devices that are configured to meet the focused needs of public safety, it allows for a dedicated capacity you won’t find with other networks. Its dedicated capacity provides bandwidth needed to coordinate public safety resources and to respond to incidents, leading to safer and more secure communities.

Kings III has also seen customers run into network issues during natural disasters, such as hurricanes. Since FirstNet is a dedicated network that is prioritized in emergency situations, this will combat these issues, providing access to help for those who need it most.

By leveraging the knowledge and recognition of public safety needs along with private sector resources and technologies, FirstNet provides efficient network operation while keeping costs down for American taxpayers.

One of the ways FirstNet allows for efficiency? In the event of human-caused disasters, incident commanders use FirstNet to find out if resources from neighboring jurisdictions can be available. FirstNet will deliver a broadband network with built-in interoperability to enhance public safety.

See additional FirstNet details with an in-depth look at the benefits in our blog post: FirstNet Will Increase The Way You Benefit From Kings III Emergency Communications.

All-Inclusive Solution

We are proud to offer customers who utilize our all-inclusive emergency phone solution the opportunity to upgrade to FirstNet. The pairing is a perfect fit, with prioritization on public safety. In addition to access to the network, our all-inclusive service includes:

Kings III Equipment

Kings III Equipment

With Kings III, all emergency phone equipment is included as part of our all-inclusive solution at no extra cost.

As code requirements tighten, it becomes increasingly important to trust an emergency phone expert when choosing among the myriad of solutions available. Our help phones are designed, assembled and supported in the USA. We design our equipment with code compliance and caller experience in mind, staying at the forefront of code and technology changes.

Talk to an Expert

Kings III Equipment

Kings III Installation

Code Compliant Installation

Our all-inclusive emergency monitoring service includes equipment and installation, with guaranteed code compliance of initial installation.

At Kings III, we make it a priority to streamline the installation process for your ease and convenience, gathering as much information upfront to expedite job scheduling and completion. Our goal is to make working with us as hands-off as possible so that it does not interfere with your existing schedule and responsibilities.

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Kings III Installation

Kings III Lifetime Maintenance

Lifetime Maintenance + Auto Testing

In a perfect world, everything would run smoothly all the time. Unfortunately, we live in the real world, and problems do arise from time to time. The good news is, because we build our own equipment for the sole purpose of increased reliability and longer life expectancy, we rarely see issues with Kings III phone equipment itself.

We can often troubleshoot remotely and when we cannot, we’ll send a technician to remedy the issue. We also offer, upon request, an auto testing feature that tests your emergency phone for dial tone and power.

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Kings III Lifetime Maintenance

24/7/365 Emergency Monitoring

24/7/365 Emergency Monitoring

The most important aspect of our all-inclusive service includes 24/7/365 professional emergency phone monitoring in 175+ different languages via our ETL Listed Central Station.

Our operators’ knowledge of dispatch protocol and coordinating emergency services coupled with their level of training is what sets us apart. Your tenants, employees and visitors will connect to an Advanced Emergency Medical Dispatcher—a certification representing best-in-class responders with the ability to provide pre-arrival medical instruction when seconds count.

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24/7/365 Emergency Monitoring

By pairing Kings III with FirstNet, you will get the most expert emergency response on a network with public safety features that the general public can’t provide.

Put your property’s safety first. Utilize FirstNet with your Kings III emergency phones for the best and most efficient response to property emergencies.