FirstNet® provides a communications fast lane with dedicated network capacity and a resilient hardened connection for first responders. The FirstNet Responder Network Authority contracted AT&T to build and maintain this network and AT&T is accountable to the government. Kings III is proud to be a part of FirstNet’s expanded community. We are excited to support first responders with our emergency monitoring systems for customers.

Kings III Emergency Communications’ M90 Phone is Now FirstNet® Ready™

Benefits of Kings III Monitoring with FirstNet®

FirstNet is the only nationwide high-speed broadband communications platform built with and for first responders. FirstNet grew out of the devastating losses from the terrorist attacks of 9/11. The attacks exposed glaring weaknesses in our communications systems.

The network uses groundbreaking, innovative tools that allow first responders and those who support them to focus on the mission without worrying about their service. Here are some of the additional unique public safety features and benefits you can expect from the network:

When Disaster Hits, Be Ready with FirstNet®

Critical Communication Technology with FirstNet® & Kings III

See additional FirstNet details with an in-depth look at the benefits in our blog post: Kings III Expands Emergency Monitoring Benefit via FirstNet Network®: What You Should Know.

All-Inclusive Solution for Emergency Phones

We are proud to offer eligible customers our FirstNet® Capable emergency phone solution on the FirstNet network. The pairing is a perfect fit, with prioritization on public safety. In addition to access to the network, our all-inclusive service includes:

By pairing Kings III with FirstNet, you will get the most expert emergency response on a network with public safety features that the general public can’t provide.

Q&A’s About The Network

  • What phones are compatible with FirstNet?
    FirstNet offers a wide variety of devices and accessories supported by the network. These range from rugged units (such as emergency phones) that are built for specific purposes to some of the most common smart devices/tablets. Any equipment that utilizes the FirstNet network must first be approved.

    Kings III turnkey/all-inclusive eligible customers have the option to utilize the FirstNet network if they choose to upgrade their service.
  • What are FirstNet phones and why is it important?
    FirstNet Ready® phones utilize the FirstNet network, the only nationwide high-speed broadband communications platform that was made solely for and is devoted to the country’s first responders. Not only was it built for public safety, but it was also advocated for by the public safety community and fashioned in response to the communication challenges faced during disasters and emergencies– largely brought to light after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

    FirstNet devices include phones for business use as well as commercially available phones for consumer use. At Kings III, our emergency help phones are specifically built for business purposes with property managers and owners in mind.
  • Who qualifies for FirstNet phones?
    Typically individual first responders, those who support first responders, or healthcare workers are eligible to get the FirstNet service for themselves. Additionally, public safety agency supervisors, chiefs, etc. can sign up their entire team or agency for the network.

    FirstNet devices include phones for business use as well as commercially available phones for consumer use. At Kings III, our emergency help phones are specifically built for business purposes with property managers and owners in mind.
  • How will FirstNet address the needs of public safety in less-populated areas?
    FirstNet reaches locations where coverage is often spotty or difficult using dedicated capacity.
  • How can I learn more about FirstNet Phones?
    You can learn more about the benefits of utilizing the FirstNet network for your emergency phones in this blog post.
  • What are the benefits of FirstNet Phones?
    People who utilize the network can expect these benefits from FirstNet:

    • A more reliable and interoperable network
    • Reliable connection for first responders in rural America
    • Enhanced awareness in emergencies
    • Priority and preemption capabilities for first responders
    • The delivery of readily available capacity during large events for agencies on FirstNet
    • An innovative ecosystem of apps and devices
    • Increased reliability and security when disaster strikes
    • Coordinated responses to human-caused disasters
    • Innovation in life-saving and public safety technology
  • How do I know if I'm a good candidate to upgrade my Kings III monitoring to include the FirstNet network?
    While all Kings III customers can benefit from having their properties’ emergency phones on the FirstNet network, those most immediately interested would likely include:

    • Properties located in a region prone to natural disasters
    • Businesses that provide an essential service
    • Government buildings

    For further details about what these benefits entail, scroll up to get details in the above benefits section or visit our FirstNet blog post here.

FirstNet and the FirstNet logo are registered trademarks of the First Responder Network Authority. All other marks are the property of their respective owners.

Put on-site safety first. Upgrade to Kings III FirstNet Ready® Monitoring.