Concierge-Like Services Attract More Tenants

Concierge-Like Services Attract More Tenants

For today’s tenants, it is all about the experience. Consider the the Ritz Carlton concierge methodology and how you can apply it to your site in order to provide your building’s occupants with service that stands out. Here’s what you should know.

Increasingly, the name of the game when attracting and retaining tenants is going above and beyond what your customers normally expect. Many of these proactive steps fall under the category of amenity services. A concierge approach to any service can take tenant satisfaction to the next level: dry cleaning, pet walking, car detailing, restaurant reservations, and maid service are just a few examples of how you can make your tenants feel special and even pampered. However, the concierge method involves more than fancy add-on services. When taking this approach, whether it’s an upscale amenity like those mentioned, or a necessary service, such as maintenance, all services on your property, described in one word, should be personalized.

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In the race to obtain and retain tenants, providing first-class service across the board can be considered significant and even cost-effective, but not all property managers have a handle on the best way to deliver these services to tenants. It can be easier said than done. Let’s break it down a bit:

Hire vendors to achieve upscale service across your site.

The general idea behind outsourcing any service is to let a trained, experienced professional handle the sensitive challenges of tenants based on their expertise. Look for vendors that will get to know and work with tenants’ specific (and often picky) needs and unique conditions. The hope (in no particular order) is to increase satisfaction among tenants and to take the obligation off your hands. If it works out the way you want it to, you’ll still be considered the hero.

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Put yourself in your tenants’ shoes.

Most tenants are hard at work, dedicating a good part of the day to their jobs, schools, and careers. Time is precious, and certain obligations and chores can tend to interfere with most of that time — even something as seemingly innocuous as ordering flowers or making reservations. In addition to adding conveniences, proactively seek ways to eliminate inconveniences that naturally arise. What if they lock themselves out of their car or drop their keys through the elevator cracks? Seek out services with the right personal touch. As a property manager, your offer and willingness to step in and help out will go a long way toward tenant appreciation; they’ll see that you understand.

Let tenants know what is available to them.

An exceptional vendor may be able to offer value-added services for your property. Make sure your tenants know the service is available to them by creating newsletters, phone alerts, and social media content making the value known.

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Consider the Ritz Carlton methodology when choosing your vendors

The first-class concierge experience originated in legendary upscale hotels like the Ritz Carlton. In fact, the Ritz-Carlton has listed specific qualities of high-quality service. With the trend of property managers aspiring to create a concierge-like experience on their properties, many apply these standards to how they provide service to tenants (with Ritz Carlton’s reputation, it pays to consider their definitions). Below, the most applicable standards are highlighted:

  • Your concierge should be a knowledgeable insider. Concierges should be local experts with many local connections. The idea is to offer your guests (tenants) with an insider’s view. This could include shortcuts to certain restaurants or malls, or activities that may be off the beaten track, ideas that tenants may not automatically consider. Perhaps walking tours, little-known museums, or a popular meditation class.
  • A concierge must constantly anticipate tenants’ needs. They’re trained to read body language and ask the right questions. For a tired, weary tenant who had a long and difficult week at work, a massage or spa day may be just the thing.
  • A concierge can craft experiences and make them personal. It makes a difference when each tenant is thought of as unique, which they are. If a tenant has an interest in art, for instance, free or discounted museum access could be a very thoughtful suggestion. You can ask your tenants for a list of their interests and suggestions.

Read more about the Ritz-Carlton method here.

One amenity you cannot do without: emergency communications, held to the concierge standard.

Providing onsite access to a trained and dedicated operator to offer immediate help in the event of an emergency can be an amenity that many tenants may never forget. That’s why having a user-friendly and human-being-staffed emergency phone in your elevators and other vulnerable areas onsite is everything. While this type of system protects your tenants and minimizes your liability, help can be on the way with merely a touch of a button.

Kings III Emergency Communications, for instance, has a 24/7/365 people-staffed monitoring service, which automatically makes it more reliable and direct than a smartphone. In the event of an emergency, your tenants will not have to deal with a weak signal or dropped calls. A fixed, known location does not have to be reported; it’s already programmed and ready. As a result, help can be dispatched faster to the right location. If needed, medical instruction can also be provided, showing further commitment to your tenants’ security. See the personal touch in action:

Kings III all-inclusive services comes complete with code-compliant emergency telephone equipment, and includes installation, maintenance, and non-stop monitoring and dispatch services.

Contact us to find out more about how you can benefit from Kings III being yet another valued concierge service that can benefit and increase your tenants’ satisfaction.

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