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Elevator Companies


"When you consider value, liability protection and service, Kings III is an excellent choice. They are a great partner, one we would recommend to anyone in the market for emergency communication services."

William Castillo, Case & Associates Properties, Inc.

Elevator Companies

ADA compliant elevator phones and 24/7/365 professional monitoring from a partner with more than 25 years experience in responding to emergency calls.

Tired of Hassling With Your Customer's Elevator Phones? Let Us Take the Call.

BEST VALUE: The Kings III all-inclusive full turnkey solution is the best value for your customers, providing equipment, installation, maintenance and 24/7 emergency monitoring with digital recording of all calls all for one low monthly fee. This package is set up to provide your customers with the best possible service while ridding you of the hassle of dealing with elevator help phones. Sound enticing? Inquire about our Elevator Partner Program for information on how we can take our all-inclusive service package directly to your customers while offering you a chance to increase your revenue from ADA phones.

Click here for more information about our emergency monitoring and our line seizure and consolidation technology.

Elevator Phones

If we are wrong and you aren't yet fed up with dealing with elevator phones, we do offer standalone phones for direct purchase as well. We are both the designer and manufacturer of the SafeCall line of ADA telephones for elevators. We have models for every fitment and can make modifications for your specific needs. Click here to view our product offerings or here if you've had second thoughts and really would like to turn your elevator phone hassle over to us.

Cab Manufacturers

Most manufacturers use our COP mounted SC-3000NB. This compact model fits in most returns, mounts with only two studs and may be used in horizontal or vertical orientations. Flush mount models are available in common sizes and finishes including No.4, No. 8 and No. 10 in Stainless or Muntz.

Elevator Contractors

Our most popular model for contractors is our Universal Replacement, the SC-3000-U. This COP mount phone is designed to replace the COP mounted models from every major maker of ADA phones. The speaker, microphone and indicator light may be easily positioned where you need them without modifying the phone or the COP. You never have to make a trip just to open a return to see what phone to order. The SC-3000-U Universal replacement is all you need.

Options for contractors don’t end with ADA phone hardware. Kings III is the leading independent emergency phone monitoring and service company in the nation. Monitoring tens of thousands of emergency phones in our dedicated Emergency Dispatch Center, we offer the elevator contractor a professional, affordable monitoring option.

Revenue Sharing Elevator Partner Program

With our elevator industry exclusive Elevator Partner Program, we can take our all-inclusive service package directly to your customers. This program makes monthly savings and professional monitoring available to your customers and offers you a chance to increase your revenue from ADA phones while relieving you of the headaches associated with managing your customers phone service. Learn more.