IBC 2018 requires two-way video communication system in elevators for deaf, hard of hearing, and speech impaired.

IBC Compliant Elevator Solution: Introducing Video Communication with Value-Added Services

What does the new IBC Code specifically require? 

3001.2 Emergency elevator communication systems for the deaf, hard of hearing and speech impaired. An emergency two-way communication system shall be provided that:

  1. Is a visual and text-based and a video-based 24/7 live interactive system
  2. Is fully accessible by the deaf, hard of hearing, and speech impaired, and shall include voice-only options for hearing individual.
  3. Has the ability to communicate with emergency personnel utilizing existing video conferencing technology, chat/text software, or other approved technology.

Read our blog post, Elevator Video Communication for IBC 2018 Code Update (Part 1) for additional insight on what this new code means for building owners and property managers, anticipated benefits and more.

Kings III and TouchSource partnered to provide a robust two-way elevator video communication system to meet this need.

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This brand new solution combines Kings III’s existing code compliant emergency elevator phones with the two-way video components of a TouchSource digital display, marrying the two systems at the Kings III Emergency Dispatch Center.

  • Reduce false dispatches with visual verification of entrapped passengers
  • Reduce risk and liability with Kings III Professional Emergency Monitoring – Advanced Operator Training & Recorded Calls
  • Utilize existing phone options with cellular or line seizure of existing landline with Kings III smart technology – up to 8 elevators on 1 phone line.

Benefits Beyond Code Compliance

  • Entertain passengers with news, sports, traffic and local weather and other great content
  • Customize content to fit your elevator and building’s appearance with your branding and messaging via device software’s image upload capability
  • Device seamlessly switches between entertainment content and emergency communication.

For more information around the technical aspects of upgrades required and how we are meeting this need, check out part 2 of our blog series Elevator Video Communication for IBC 2018 Code Update (Part 2).

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